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Sunday, 05 February 2012 00:23

Islah (Purification)

Islah (Purification)

Practice makes a man perfect!! No marvel. But can any one make him self discern at the first sight without practice? Dear readers! Let me enlighten you something. A man is a seeker of knowledge.

islah - Purification

 As much as he works sturdy, he gets more perfection. But some precision is those which are directly gifted from Almighty Allah through His Beloved Prophet Mohammed (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) and His friends which are none other than Ahlay Baith, Companions of Prophet and Aulia Allah (Saints). To perceive that perfections all you have to do is to work a little bit rigid. This is an aptness which will distinguish you in hundred and thousands of peoples. You will feel that uniqueness in yourself. These narrations which I am going to tell you will make you brawny from inner self. These are the golden sayings which you can implement in yourself which will make your personality very out standing. Let me tell you that all of these golden precepts are revealed from Hazrat Bawa Tajuddin Aulia (ra) & Hazrat Amma Bibi Marium Taji (ra). Inshallah by the blessing of Almighty Allah these precepts will be updated by the passage of time, if you personally want to contact me. Inshallah, I will definitely try to solve your problem regarding the matter of Islah. While here are few golden precepts or maxims from Bawa & Amma Sarkar (ra):-

  • Always be patient, while arguing to any one.
  • Speak with affection to every one.
  • Try to neglect speaking nonsense.
  • Don't feel proud at any stage of success.
  • Respect your parents as they are very precious blessing of Almighty Allah.
  • Don't try to teach others when you are not learned.
  • Do not encourage people to be rude to you be loyal to them.
  • Guard your tongue that other doesn't get hurt from you.
  • Always argue, when it is required.
  • At the time of anger say things thoughtfully.
  • Don’t rest your head at your knees these are the sign of orphans.
  • Don’t spend your much time in bath room.
  • Don’t laugh loudly.
  • Be friendly to every one but to a limit that you may not lose your own respect.
  • Before giving any lesson practice it first.
  • Always be honest with every one.
  • Try to acquire habit of eating less, talking less and sleeping less.
  • Try to speak with calmness.
  • At the time of prayers don’t allow thoughts to take your mind.
  • Remember! Always see yourself before pointing to others.
  • Always remember your past.
  • Always be thankful to Almighty Allah for every blessing He bestowed us.
  • Make your chest a treasure of Divinity.

These are the golden precepts which Hazrat Bawa Tajuddin Aulia (ra) has told their devotees to follow. As I would like to tell the dear readers that these golden precepts are only few drops from the oceans. The word "oceans" is dedicated to Hazrat Bawa Tajuddin Aulia (ra). Who is the greatest Saint of the present era. If you would like to read His Majesty (ra) biography.

Sunday, 05 February 2012 00:20

Safeguard against Poverty

Safeguard against Poverty

All power belongs to The Most Beneficent & Most Merciful.

According to the Holy Prophet the following acts suck out, empty and drain even very large means of sustenance and make man poor and destitute.

  1. Urinating while standing.

  2. Sweeping during the night.

  3. Praying in haste and hurry.

  4. Performing wuzu in a latrine.

  5. Wiping face with sleeves or skirt.

  6. Burning the peels of garlic or onion.

  7. To hold in contempt or turn the back upon the means of sustenance.

  8. Sitting near graves without reason for long periods.

  9. Passing through flocks of sheep and other cattle.

  10. Cutting nail by the teeth.

  11. Reveling in greed and avarice.

  12. Ignoring beggars.

  13. Not removing spider-webs in the house.

  14. Eating in the state of (junub) ceremonial impurity.

  15. Keeping dirt and filth in the house.

  16. Swearing false oath.

  17. Sleeping immediately after sunset and before sunrise.

  18. Keeping water flowing without reason during the night.

  19. Having estranged relations with the relative.

Sunday, 05 February 2012 00:19

Islam and Sehar

Islam and Sehar - Black Magic

…All power belongs to The Most Beneficent & Most Merciful

What can be don't by Sahar (Black Magic)?

Black Magic spells are used to;

  1. bring about sickness and unnatural illness,

  2. break up relations between husband & wife,

  3. create crossed conditions,

  4. force people out of their jobs,

  5. wreak justified vengeance,

  6. destroy homes,

  7. attract wrathful spirits and demons to aid in hurting others, or curse and hex people to death.

  8. Black magic spells can be gentle or strong, suggestive or coercive; their main purpose is to hurt, harm, goofer, jin, or hot foot peoples.

It is NOT Magic in most cases?

We tend to put all the blame for any misfortune/problem on other people & most conveniently on magic. Instead of looking at our sins & other reasons we immediately accept any suggestion (from anybody at all), that someone has done something to us!. Islam does NOT permit us to make such assumptions about other people especially for Muslims, Momins & more so for ones own relatives! In 98% of cases we only incorrectly assume that magic has affected us & it may be true in a very rare case.

What is magic & soothsaying?

Magic generally includes:-

  1. Writing & reciting some special chants & spells, burning of particular objects

  2. Making a picture, blowing ,tying knots, burying special objects in particular places so that the person for whom it is intended is affected.

  3. Bringing about some un natural events by means of charms, amulets or talisman or potions.

  4. Soothsaying is fortune telling, going to people (pir, babas etc) for predictions, involving Jinn or spirits for non natural events. Some scholars equate it with Magic.

What is Islamic View?

Magic is unconditionally & absolutely haram/prohibited .A gunahane Kabira (greater sin ) leading to Hell fire. A person who indulges in magic & does not repent is punishable by Death in an Islamic society, as it is equivalent to shirk & severely criticized in many many ahadith.

It is haram to learn, teach, perform magic & indulge in soothsaying (for any cause whatsoever). It is also haram to go to soothsayers (pirs & babas & magicians) & act on their advice. Earnings from magic & payments to magicians also come under haram category.

Is Magic evil?

The starting point of Magic involves physical disrespect to Quran in many cases!
The sorcerer discontinues all good actions & concentrates on performing satanic rituals, committing adultery, drinking blood, eating human flesh etc. These acts bring the magician close to Satan so that he is helped in his magic. Obviously the closer to Satan a man is the further he is from any kind of truth & Islam.

Iman of a Muslim is one who submits to the All Powerful Allah swt.

If he goes near these things he demonstrates that he has no faith in Allah swt & Rasool Allah (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam). If someone wishes for something bad to happen to HIS creation especially another Muslim, Allah swt will also hate him for it. Such negative feelings arising out of pride ,jealousy need treatment by consulting knowledgeable people & reading books on Ethics like Greater sins, Self Building.

How to protect against Magic?

  • -Have faith in Allah swt & rely on HIM & his chosen people

  • -Understand & realise that the Magicians power is evil & very limited

  • -Try to be with wuzoo all the time

  • -Regularly recite Sura Falaq & Sura Nass as much as possible.-

  • -Give sadqa/charity (alms).

  • -Invoke Allah swt thru duas and duroods.

  • -Consult an Amil for help in case of need.

What about Numerology ,Astrology, Palmistry etc?

Numerology is supplementary to soothsaying. Astronomy is different from Astrology which predicts future events with a belief that only stars & heavenly bodies govern things. This is also haram & a person who has such a belief is also an Unbeliever (Kafir)

We need to rely on powerful methods at our disposal to change our future for the better instead of such ways Sadqa & observing ties of kinship (selah reham) result in long lives.

Dua’a especially with the medium of Ahlulbayt (as) changes fortunes & destiny.

Sunday, 05 February 2012 00:18

Healing Stones

Healing Stones

Nature has given us thousands of stones. Some of these stones are wearable and some are not so valuable. Almighty Allah has mentioned some verses in Surah Rehman,

“Out of them both come out Pearl and Coral” [55:22]

Further more Almighty narrates in the same Surah,

“ (In Beauty) they are like Rubies and Coral” [55:58].

In next Surah Waqi’ah,

“Like unto preserved pearl” [56:23].

Stones have a vital role in human life. Where as wearing rings is also one of the oldest followed traditions. Did any one know that the first man on the phase of the earth, Hazrat Adam sallal laahu alaihi wasallam, also used to wore a ring of Cornelian?

Our Holy Prophet Mohammad sallal laahu alaihi wasallam and His companions have also worn stones and they have given many benefits of these stones. At many instances, Hazrat Jibrael-e-Ameen have presented several stones in the honor of Prophet Mohammad sallal laahu alaihi wasallam, which he brought from heaven.

Once Hazrat Jibrael-e-Ammen (Gabriel) came in the honor of the Holy prophet Mohammad sallal laahu alaihi wasallam, presenting Him a ring of red Cornelian and asked Him to wear it and so was the order to His Ummah (Followers). Since then wearing a ring of Cornelian is Sunnah of our Holy Prophet sallal laahu alaihi wasallam Even Saints have worn this stone.

This means that stones have a credential value. Of course, have you ever heard of Hajar-e-Aswad (the black stone)? When a Muslim decides to go for pilgrimage in Mecca to perform Haj or Ummrah, he shall start from a point where the Hajr-e-Aswad (the black stone) is located and he starts his Haj or Ummrah by giving a Bosa (kiss) to the Hajr-e-Aswad. A stone is blessed with such a prestige that every Muslim is keen to give Hajar-e-Aswad a Bosa (kiss). It has so much power that it washes out all sins Be’iznil’Allah (by the order of Almighty Allah). But there is a question now, from where did the Hajr-e-Aswad come from?

When the constructing the Holy Kaba commenced on the order of Almighty Allah, Hazrat Ibrahim along with his son Hazrat Ismail were constructing it.  During the construction a Wahe (a message from Almighty Allah) was sent to Hazrat Ibrahim through the angel Hazrat Jibraeel (Gabriel) which was,

“To place the Hajr-e-Aswad in one of the corner of the Holy Kaba”. As per the command of Almighty Allah it was placed. After thousand years still it is present in the Holy Kaba. But where did the Hajr-e-Aswad came from? It was mentioned in the Wahe that, “we have chosen this stone out the stones in heaven”. So this means that the Hajr-e-Aswad is a stone which belongs to the stones of heaven. Up till this day this precious stone is present in the Holy kaba.

This was the brief history regarding the Hajr-e-Aswad, now we move to talk about the precious stones. There are many stone for which people are willing to pay millions and billions for their extra ordinary beauty and …

But the question is, is that stone appropriate for that man. There is an endless lust of knowledge, a man will die off acquiring knowledge but the knowledge will still remain waiting to be unveiled by some other. During this journey I have acquired a certain study of the role of stones in the human life. I will brief regarding the stones accordingly.
There are many metals available today like gold, white gold, platinum, titanium, steel, silver, stainless steel and many more, but which metal is best to wear a stone with? Yes silver for male. In the light of a Hadith, His Highness the Holy Prophet Mohammad (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) said,

“wearing silver is Jaiz (allowed) in Islam, gold Is proclaimed as Haram (forbidden) on man (male) in Islam”

Another hadith of His Highness the Holy Prophet Mohammad (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) said,

“To wear a silver ring is Jaiz in Islam for men, gold is not”.

So according to these hadith it is proved that sliver is the best metal for men to wear a ring of. On the other hand women are allowed to wear gold in Islam. Scientific research has proven now that gold absorbs many diseases of a woman and helps them regain the loss of their blood in menstrual cycle, which our Holy Prophet Mohammad (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) have said nearly 1425 years ago. 
Stones are given value in every religion. It has been so for thousand of years, some people even worship stones. That’s odd! One of the most famous stone today is a Diamond. It has a unique elegance and hardest natural substance or stone found in nature. It is the purest form of carbon, found mostly in Africa, Brazil, India and many other parts of the world.

Some stones are very valuable as compared to others like diamond, ruby, pearl, emerald, Zircon, Cats eye, Topaz, Sapphire, Beryl, Kidney stone, Sun stone, Moon stone, Aquamarine, Crystal, Alexandrite, Sunehla, Smokey, Golden Topaz, Amethyst, Flint, Botswana agate, Cornelian, Turquoise, Jasper etc are valuable stones. There is a secret in these stones, a hidden treasure and power to cure physical and metaphysical diseases. People love to wear them and they are unaware of the consequences because some stones suit people and some don’t. If they suit some one, they are beneficial and blessing but if they don’t they can harm you in many ways which you can’t imagine of. Each stone has a unique function and role in your daily life.

Now if you have the desire to wear a diamond, sapphire or any other stone, how would you find out weather it suits you or not.  This has a deep connection with your name not the months. To get consultation regarding stones contact us.

NOTE: If healing help is requested, please understand that all those associated with this page strongly believe and advocate that regular medical help and advice from the subject's doctor (s) should continue to be sought and followed. Further please read General Agreement.

Divine Light means Nûr or Nur or Noor or Nuur all are correct

Sunday, 05 February 2012 00:16



This Hadith is narrated from Hazrat Anus [r.a.u] that the Holy Prophet Muhammad [sallal laahu alaihi wasallam] said,

"Glad tidings [dreams] are the forty sixth part prophecy [divining]." [ Bukhari – Muslims]

This Hadith is narrated from Hazrat Hurera [r.a.u] that the Holy Prophet Muhammad [sallal laahu alaihi wasallam] said,

"One who experienced my sight in dream means he really experienced my sight. Because devil cannot adopt my appearance."
[ Bukhari - Muslims]

Don't Tell a False Dream

The Holy Prophet Muhammad [sallal laahu alaihi wasallam] said ,

"Three people will be punished on dooms day. One who tells false dream, he will be asked to tie a knot of two pieces of barley and he will not be able to. Second one who draws sketches of idols. He will be asked to enlighten the soul in them but he will not be able to. Third one who lead over that nation whose people dislike him."

And stated:

"Who consciously lied on me [the Holy Prophet Muhammad, sallal laahu alaihi wasallam] do make his place in hell.”


Ethics of Sleep

The Holy Prophet Muhammad [sallal laahu alaihi wasallam] said:

"That person who went to sleep in such a situation that his hand was oily smell and he did not wash it away and during sleep if he suffered any problem so he should blame his concupiscence that this happened because of its carelessness."

Hazrat Huzahfa [r.a] stated that:

When the Holy Prophet Muhammad [sallal laahu alaihi wasallam] went to bed in night, he put his right hand under his cheek and recites the following Dua (prayer)


and when woke up His Majesty Lord of All the world Prophet of Allah Mohammed (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) recites.


Hazrat Bara Bin Aazib [r.a] stated that:

When the Holy Prophet Muhammad [sallal laahu alaihi wasallam] went to bed he used to sleep on right hand side and offer dua.

Hazrat Shauddad Bin Oas [r.a] stated that:

The Holy Prophet Muhammad [sallal laahu alaihi wasallam] said,

"Muslim who recites any surah from the Holy Quran at bed time then Allah Almighty appoints an angel for his safety who does not allow any harmful substance to come closer to him until he wakes up"


If Experiencing Bad Dream

It is proposed from the Holy Prophet [sallal laahu alaihi wasallam ]:

"If somebody experienced a bad dream and woke up from bewilderment [confusion] then he should spit three times on his left hand side and ask Allah's protection from devil."


Time of a Glad Tiding

Allama Imam Muhammad Bin Seerain [r.a] stated:

Those visions, which are experienced during the last part of a night or while taking a siesta they possess true interpretation. The dream in the ripening and selling fruits seasons is very much better. The dreams of winter and rainy season are usually dormant.


Ethics and Principles of Dream Interpretation

Before giving interpretation of dream some principles should be kept in mind. It is necessary for an Interpreter that first of all listen the dream of a dreamer very and try to understand it, if there is a Continuously in his explanation and seems similar to each other and gives a meaningful sense then this is a perfect dream. But if the whole dream is irrelevant and does not qualifies the principles this is a meaningless dream.

If the meanings seems different [dissimilar] after listening a dream then first it should be evaluated that which meanings are nearest to the reality of a dream so adopt that meaning of a dream which are nearest to its reality and gives interpretation according to that. If there is a suspicion or uncertainty with respect to the meanings

Then know the feelings of a dreamer for example is it about a prayer then ask from dreamer about prayer. If the dream is about a journey then ask from dreamer about journey or about journey planning and when get the feelings of a dreamer then give the interpretation by heart. Some interpretations should be kept in secret but inform its interpretation in some good way such as if the dream is interpreted any obscenity or bad thing then avoid it. By veiling the real interpretation, interpret it in good manner.

To know the sub sanity of a dream an interpreter should know three facts.

  1. Gender
  2. Kind [category, type]
  3. Nature

After knowing the all three things attributes the dream upon it and takes care in elucidate, for example someone have seen trees, birds and animals. These are all masculine. When gender is recognized so you must acknowledge the category of gender. For example, if trees have seen then of which type and if have seen animals, birds, then of which type. After gender and its category observe the nature. For example it is in the nature of a bird to fly so the dreamer will be going on a journey. If the bird is a peacock then he will be honorable and wealthy and he will have so many followers. Likewise if the date tree is seen then he is a well wisher and if it is a walnut tree, just you can't get a walnut without cracking it therefore it is attributed from quarrelsome and deceive.

Sometimes it is interpreted from the Holy Quran. Stone is for hard hearted. Because the Allah Almighty said,

"Then your hearts become hard. Then they are like stones or may be harder than them."

  • Sometimes it is interpreted from the Holy Hadiths, for example he called the crow a sinner or a lewd to a mice, so crow is interpreted as an evil man.Sometimes it is interpreted with proverbs such as a long hand is seen in dream a long hand is a proverb means that he will be kind with people.
  • Sometimes interpretation will be given through outwardly name as proficiency will be the interpretation if the name is Fazal. And if the name is rashid then the interpretation will be rectitude [correct guidance].
  • Sometimes dreams will be attributed from name such as ` rose` is interpreted as permanence [everlasting].
  • Sometimes dreams are interpreted contrarily to which is seen. Such as shouting, crying and weeping attributed as joy and laugh, pleasure and dance are attributed in sorrow and grief. And if dreamed that in wrestling someone is recessive actually he is domineering.
  • Sometimes it is objected to the people status and conditions. Such as if a religious and well wisher body dreamed a servility in his hand or in a neck then in his favor it is proof to protect his quality and from evil and turmoil. If his actions are not like that then it is proof of committing a sin.
  • Sometimes timings of dreams count more in the interpretation of dream such as it is dreamed during night that riding on an elephant so it is elucidate as a profitable work. But he dreamed the same thing during daytime, he will divorce his wife.

Allama Imam Muhammad Bin Seerain stated that give interpretation based on three presumptions. Insha Allah you will get the righteous and can get the divine help from Allah.


Qualities of Interpreter

Allama Imam Bin Seerain [r.a] has given eight qualities of an interpreter;

  1. He should be a scholar or savant of the Holy Quran.
  2. He should be a preserver of the Holy Prophet’s [sallal laahu alaihi wasallam] Hadiths.
  3. A full and complete command on Arabic.
  4. He should know the peoples value very well.
  5. Should know the principles of interpretation.
  6. He should have a pious psycho.
  7. He should have chaste [pure] manners.
  8. He should be a true man.
Sunday, 05 February 2012 00:14


FAQ with Islamic Spiritual Healing

We have tried to include here, not only questions relating to items linked to our service, but also to look at questions which may arise from related matters. If your question is not answered here, please contact us by email. More hot topics are discussed at Islah (the Purification).

What is Islamic Spiritual Healing?

Islamic Spiritual Healing (Islamic Spiritual Healing and Therapy) is the Islamic way of medication. Based on the knowledge extracted from Quran and Sunnah is established on the concept of Seek, Send and Heal through Nur. This marvelous knowledge revealed and taught us by the beloved friends of Allah Almighty and descended of Rasool Allah (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam); Hazrat Syed Mohammed Baba Tajuddin Aulia Nagpuri (ra) and Hazrat Syedha Amma Bibi Marium Taji Waliyah (ra).

How it works?

Healing works by linking into the Divine Source of Universal life energy that is available to all; is called Nur. Healers are not the ones who create the Nur (energy) - they are merely the channel who provide the link between the Nur ,Source and the recipient. Once the energy manifests through the channel it brings help needed to the person receiving the healing to return their own form into balance. The healing works holistically - that is on the whole person - Mind, Body and Spirit.

Are our treatment methods are under the umbrella of Shari'ah?

Please read our Anti-Shirk Policy.

What do you mean by "Divine Medicines"?

Divine means 'Nur of Allah'. As it comes in The Holy Quran Chapter 24 verse 35, "Allah is the light "Nur" of the heavens and the earth".

Later in the same verse Allah says, " Light upon Light! Allah guides to His Light "Nur" whom He wills".

Then Allah asserts that Allah's Messenger (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) is Light "Nur" too in chapter 5 verse 15, "Indeed, there has come to you from Allah a Light (Prophet Mohammed sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) and a plain Book (this Quran).

Chapter 17 verse 82, "And We send down the Quran that which is healing and a mercy to those who believe"

Chapter 5 verse 35, "Seek the means of approach (Wasila) to Him, and strive hard in His Cause as much as you can."

Chapter 16 verse 89, "And we send down the Book (this Quran) as an exposition of everything, a guidance, a mercy, and glad tidings for those who have submitted themselves (to Allah as Muslims)".

What is spiritual healing or energy healing most used for?

Faster recovery after operations and relieving of pain by spiritual healing. Improved healing of wounds and recovery from illnesses
It helps to get over depressions, anxiety, phobias and other mental health problems.
Even if cancer or aids are diagnosed the support of a spiritual healer can be an important factor to regain your health. But not only for health or relationship problems spiritual guidance is a supporting element also for professional or personal success.

What do you need to establish a spiritual connection?

In order to make spiritual contact the healer needs a vibration pattern, e.g. in the form of a complete name with mother's name and/or a current photograph. I prefer a photo. A healing request can be carried out for relatives or friends. The person who places the order must not necessarily be the recipient.

How does spiritual energy act on my health or illness?

Spiritual power unfortunately can also have opposite effects. By doubting your own health an illness manifests itself sooner or later, depending on the intensity of the power of thought. Each form of illness first manifests itself in the spiritual body, and expresses itself later in the physical body if the disharmonic vibration is strong enough. This manifests itself as a smaller indisposition or a serious illness. Spiritual power, be it your own or that of a healer, causes the harmonization of vibration patterns in the various spiritual levels of the human being. First comes the thought or according to the bible, or the word, only then the act can follow. That is why people with self-confidence, inner contentedness and self-assurance recover far quicker than those who constantly doubt or even worse, accept their illness as their fate.

How can I help myself?

You can achieve a positive influence on a spiritual level by taking the time to meditate daily for a few minutes. A positive formulated suggestion in this relaxed condition affects your entire system. For example: "I am protected by my higher self ". A simple meditation carried out regularly and with conviction will help you more to retain health than any drug.
Spiritual energy, be it your own or that of a healer, can give you energy, self-confidence and the courage, to transform your illness or a non-satisfactory condition into the opposite. Naturally it is a prerequisite that you are really prepared to change your condition for the better. To ask for spiritual or Higher assistance is useful in any case.

Which problems can be influenced or solved completely?

In principal all of them! For example anxiety attacks, examination fears, phobias, partnership problems, stress, depressions, headaches, indisposition or not being able to cope with external influences etc. Each individual problem can build up a spiritual and impenetrable wall, which needs to be dismantled as soon as possible. Further all kind of acute or chronic diseases can be cured.

Do I still have to see a doctor?

Yes, if you are not certain about your state of health, you should consult the relevant specialist for your own safety. He makes the diagnosis. Then we can work together.

How about black magic?

We are not available for black magic! We don't send negative energies and will not assist you to disadvantage another person! Please check our anti-shirk policy

Can you give me a guarantee for healing or improvement?

As doctors try their utmost to take you out from  your suffered  diseases through medical treatment after diagnosing and rest leave on Allah Almighty, same here  we give you divine treatment and rest leave on Allah Almighty  but here the chances of cure are more powerful and strong  because it is  purely based on  the Holy Quran.

Data protection?

No names or addresses will be passed on in any form. Please check our privacy policy.

Why do we ask  for photo?

Why doctor take your blood, pulse, x-ray, ultrasound, CAT scan, MRI scan and so on for diagnosing, and why just he can't diagnose you just from your complains, just simply looking at you. Why he have to carry all these procedures to check your illness. Well because many different diseases have, some times, same symptoms and just to conform and detect the right one this is the medium and procedures which he is obligated to follow. Therefore in spiritual healing and treatments there are rules and procedures taught to us, which we have to follow, to diagnose your real disease. Like normal disease, different spiritual diseases do show same symptoms so just to detect and heal the correct one we have a system.

Sunday, 05 February 2012 00:11

Suicidal Bombings Haram in Islam

Suicidal Bombings Haram in Islam

Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem
Salaam Aleikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh

Every day you see on the news how there are suicide bombings all over the Muslim world, but why is it that Muslims do it? Is it compatible with our religion Islam? Or is this something that is done out of ignorance?

In this article I’m going to argue that suicide bombing is haraam in Islam and I’m going to prove it with verses from the Qur’an and Hadiths.

Let’s first define what a suicide bombing is:

Suicide bombing would be when a person delivers an explosive to an location, detonates it and dies because of the explosion willingly. This tactic is being used currently in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Chechnya and Somalia by different groups who claim to fight in the name of Islam.

Unfortunately this tactic isn’t only used to target military targets but also civilian targets.

Firstly I would clear up why it is completely haraam in Islam to kill civilians even in times of war.

Allah says in the Holy Qur’an:

“On that account: We ordained for the Children of Israel that if any one slew a person – unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land – it would be as if he slew all of humanity: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved all of humanity. Then although there came to them Our messengers with clear signs, yet, even after that, many of them continued to commit excesses in the land.”[1]

” Fight in the way of Allah against those who fight against you, but begin not hostilities .Lo! Allah loves not, aggressors.”[2]

Furthermore Shiekh Abdel Sattar Abdel Jabbar, Spokesman for Shurah Council of Muslim Scholars says about killing civilians.

” Killing and slaughtering innocents is not an Islamic teaching. Contrary to this, Islam teaches us to honor the human being, regardless of his faith. In the Glorious Qur’an, Allah says, “We have honored human beings”. Therefore, killing innocents and slaughtering them is not of our teachings.”[3]

I believe my point has been made clear now, according to Islamic rules of warfare, civilians are not to be hurt. If we look back in history to the Crusades when Salah ad-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub re-captured the city of Jerusalem from the Crusaders ( who killed everyone in Jerusalem when they took it, it has been recorded that 70.000 men, women and children lost their life), he did not kill anyone, but promised the Christians a safe passage to Christian lands. This is what Islam teaches us.

Now it should be crystal clear for everyone that the killing of civilians is forbidden according to Islam.

Now to the next point, the actual suicide bombing.

Allah says in the Qur’an:

” Destroy not yourselves. Surely Allah is ever merciful to you”.[4]

“And do not throw yourselves in destruction”. [5]

There is also a Hadith about suicide:

The Prophet said: “Amongst the nations before you there was a man who got a wound, and growing impatient (with its pain), he took a knife and cut his hand with it and the blood did not stop till he died. Allah said, ‘My Slave hurried to bring death upon himself so I have forbidden him (to enter) Paradise.’[6]

“Indeed, whoever (intentionally) kills himself, then certainly he will be punished in the Fire of Hell, wherein he shall dwell forever”[7]

The verses from the Qur’an and this Hadith makes it quite clear that taking your own life is forbidden, the hadith even says that Allah forbade the man from entering paradise.

This is how severe it is to take your own life. If going out on a suicide bombing mission then the intention to commit suicide is there and hence this verse from the Qur’an and this Hadith fit the situation very well.

Numerous Fatwas have been issued against the act of suicide bombings, and the ‘Ulama agrees that this act is sinful and not according to Islam.

Muslims should stop being so ignorant about the rules of war in Islam, we have many rules that we must follow. You cannot think that something that has been haraam would suddenly become halal, this is not Islam. Suicide is forbidden not only by our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu aleyhi wa sallam, but by Allah, the Creator. Seek knowledge from the people of knowledge, and not from Muslims who have little or no knowledge and come up with their own rulings. Many of these attacks are only done for political reasons and not for religious reasons, but no one should be fooled that you will gain the status of a martyr when doing something that is a great sin.

I hope that this article also clears up some misconceptions in the non-Muslims minds, there are a lot of corrupt and false information about Islam in the media and on the internet, don’t believe everything people tell you. Go and ask Muslims who have real knowledge about issues. If you do not believe in what I have written then I ask you to research it yourself, from honest websites that represent Islam, I will also provide some links for further reading below.

“O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise each other). Verily the most honored of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you. And Allah has full Knowledge and is well-acquainted (with all things).”[8]

-Fredrik “Fady” Lundström


Haraam: Unlawful

Halal: Lawful

Fatwa: Religious ruling

‘Ulama: Scholars

Qur’an: The holy book of Islam

Hadith: Oral traditions relating to the words and deeds of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu aleyhi wa sallam.

Islamic rules of war:;pagename=IslamOnline-English-Ask_Scholar/FatwaE/FatwaEAskTheScholar

[1]Qur’an 5:32

[2]Qur’an 2:190


[4] .Qur’an 4:29

[5] Qur’an2:195

[6] Sahih Bukhari 4.56.669

[7] Bukhari 5778 and Muslim 109&110

[8]Qur’an 49:13

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Names and Titles

Majesty’s real name is Syed Muhammad Tajuddin and with love His Majesty is known as Chiragh-uddin (The light of religion). But His Majesty was famous among the people as “Tajuddin Baba’’. His Highness’s other names and titles are as follows: -

His majesty name is Muhammad Tajuddin and with love known as Chiragh-uddin (The light of religion). But were famous among the people as “Tajuddin Baba ’’. Your are as follows: -

  • TAJ-UL-AULIA (Diadem of all Saints)
  • TAJ-UL-MILLAT-WAD-DEN (The diadem of Nation and Religion)
  • TAJ-UL-ARIFEEN (The diadem of all the knower of Almighty Allah)
  • TAJ-UL-MULUK (The diadem of all realms of the earth and skies)
  • SIRAJ-UL-SALKEEN (The light for the seekers of Almighty Allah)
  • SHAN-SHAH HAFAT-E-AQLEEM (The Majesty of the seven climes)

It is a very superior designation, which needs an explained to get a better understanding. A short briefing can be given as, “All Mighty Allah who is the Creator and cherisher of this entire universes and dynasties has divided it into seven parts and which is named as Haft-e-Aqleem (The seven climes). Therefore, as a result of the division of the dynasties and universes, the Vicegerent of the last Holy Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.s.), to whom the authority and control is gifted in specific parameters of the seven climes is known as “the Majesty of the seven climes”.

Nasab Nama (Family Tree)

  1. Hazrat Syed Mohammad Baba Taj-uddin Aulia (r.a.).
  2. Hazrat Syed Badr-ddin Shah Sahib (r.a.).
  3. Hazrat Syed Haider Shah Sahib (r.a.).
  4. Hazrat Syed Ali Shah Sahib (r.a.).
  5. Hazrat Syed Abdul Qadir Shah Sahib (r.a.).
  6. Hazrat Syed Mohe-uddin Siya Shah Sahib (r.a.).
  7. Hazrat Syed Jamal Ahmed Shah Sahib (r.a.).
  8. Hazrat Syed Naseer-uddin Shah Sahib (r.a.).
  9. Hazrat Syed Kamal-uddin Shah Sahib (r.a.).
  10. Hazrat Syed Immad-uddin Shah Sahib (r.a.).
  11. Hazrat Syed Allow-uddin Shah Sahaib (Rehmatullah Allahe).
  12. Hazrat Syed Bahoo-uddin Nakhash Bandi (r.a.).
  13. Hazrat Syed Abdullah Shah Sahib (r.a.).
  14. Hazrat Syed Jalal-uddin Bukahri (r.a.).
  15. Hazrat Syed Kamal-uddin Bukahri (r.a.).
  16. Hazrat Syed Hussain Laqab-be-Mehboob (r.a.).
  17. Hazrat Syed Hussain Akber Sahib (r.a.).
  18. Hazrat Syed Abdullah Shah Sahib (r.a.).
  19. Hazrat Syed Fakhar-uddin Shah Sahib (r.a.).
  20. Hazrat Syed Mehmood Roomi Bin Ballaq (r.a.).
  21. Hazrat Syed Hussain Mohammad Taqi Sahib (r.a.).
  22. Hazrat Syed Abdullah Shah Sahib (r.a.).
  23. Hazrat Syed Mohammad Jama Shah Sahib (r.a.).
  24. Hazrat Syed Ali Akbar Shah Sahib (r.a.).
  25. Hazrat Imam Hassan Askari (RaziAllah Talah Anha).
  26. Hazrat Imam Ali Taqi (Razi Allah Talah Anha).
  27. Hazrat Imam Moosa (Raza Razi Allah Talah Anha).
  28. Hazrat Imam Moosa Kazim (Razi Allah Talah Anha)
  29. Hazrat Imam Jaffer Sadiq (Razi Allah Talah Anha).
  30. Hazrat Imam Baqir (Razi Allah Talah Anha).
  31. Hazrat Imam Zain-ul-Abidin (Razi Allha Talah Anha).
  32. Hazrat Imam Hussain (Allahe-Salam).
  33. Hazrat Ali Murtaza Muskil-Kusha (Karam Allah Talah Anha).
  34. Last Holy prophet Hazrat Mohammed (Sulal la ho Alaeha Wa Sullam).

(Approved from His Highness by Ummah Tajia)

When Baba Sahib (r.a.) saw the book Taj Qutbee he said,

“I am the grand son of Hazrat Imam Hassan Askari (r.a.)”.

Then the devotees were curious about the full family tree of Baba Sahib (r.a.). Hazrat Yousef Shah Taji tried to explain in his book Israr-E-Taj, that Hazrat Imam Hassan Askari’s grandson migrated to Madras (India) from Arab. But this was not satisfactory to the readers and the quest was on.

Mr. Husamuddin published the book Tazkara-e-Taj-ul-Aulia. In that book the family tree of His Highness (r.a.) went through my eyes, but still I (Syed Amjed Ali Shah Taji) was in the quest. Baba Sahib (r.a.) blessed me and I wrote an application to Hassan Sani Nizami (deputy administrator). He answered me on 27th Oct. 1966. He published the family tree of Baba Sahib (r.a.) and also published the family tree produced by Mr. Husamuddin.

But, we the Ummah Tajia put an extra effort to approve it directly from Baba Sahib (r.a.) and are presenting the family tree.

"r.a." is an abbreviation of "Rehmatullah Alahe"


This Designation means that His Majesty is the diadem and the leader of the knower, friend and the beloved ones of the Most Merciful and the Omnipotent Allah.

Grand Son of Hazrat Imam Askari

When we needed to confirm the family background of His Highness Baba Tajuddin (r.a.) for writing the biography. Baba Tajuddin (r.a.) asserted,

“ I am the Grand Son of Imam Hassan Askari (r.a.)”

Glad Tiding of Birth

Tajuddin Baba’s (r.a.) mother was glad tidied before his birth in which she was informed of the arrival of Tajuddin Aulia (r.a.). She saw a vast ground inhabited by thousands of cities with infinite beings. This contains all the religions and nations. Its winter’s fortnight and the full moon are dazzling. Moon light had exhilarated and allured every mortal. Then Baba Tajuddin’s (r.a.) mother saw that moon feel into her lap. His Majesty Baba Tajuddin (r.a.) was born in the same year.


August Syed Mohammed Baba Tajuddin (r.a.) was born in Kamti, Nagpur in Goore-Bazar on 15th Rajab 1277 Haj'ri corresponding to 27th January 1861 on Tuesday. A miracle was revealed by Baba Tajuddin (r.a.) as He born. He didn’t cry like a normal child and His eyes were closed. This confused the relatives, making them wonder if the as if the child was born dead. Experienced Midwives checked the pulse beat which was normal. Therefore according to that era’s tradition, His forehead was stamped by a heated copper coin and then He opened his eyes. Instead of crying He gave a smiley look to everyone.

The maternal grandfather of His Highness said that when His mother was born she had the similar condition. As to the tradition she was placed on a horse. After this practice she opened her eyes and took her first breath. That’s the reason she is addressed as Ghorun Bibi but her original name was Marium Bibi (r.a.).

Education & Training

August Baba Tajuddin (r.a.) was the only child of His parents. When His Majesty August Tajuddin Baba was one year of age His father passed away while touring Rangoon. August Baba Tajuddin’s (r.a.) mother after her husband’s death completed her 4 months & 10 days for (Iddut) then shifted to her father’s house, namely Syed Meeran Shah Sahib (r.a.). At maternal grand father’s house Baba Tajuddin (r.a.) has been fostered. At the age of nine His mother passed away afterwards His maternal grandmother looked after him. At the age of six with the help of Your maternal grand father His Majesty’s mother admitted him in a madrasa (Islamic School). There His Majesty (r.a.) was educated by Moulvi Akram-ul-Hassan and Moulvi Akram-ul-Haq. Beside Arabic He learnt Persian, Urdu and English. During the era of education, a Saint of Kamti (India) August Abdullah Shah visited the madrasa and told His Majesty’s teacher,

“What are you teaching him? He is an expert of the Elm-e-ludni (Inspired knowledge, Divine knowledge)”

Then he looked at August Baba Tajuddin (r.a.) with affection and humbleness and said,

“Eat little, Talk little and Sleep little and recite the Holy Quran, rather just recitation, think that as if it is been revealing on you.”

After that August Abdullah (r.a.) took out dry dates from his pouch chewed it and gave the other half to August Baba Tajuddin (r.a.). As He ate that half chewed date His condition changed, tears started running. This condition lasted for three days.

Like other children August Baba Tajuddin (r.a.) had no qualities like wantonness & waywardness. He had a calm and quiet persona. He had no friendship with His classmate nor was He interested in fooling around. On observing these circumstances August Baba Tajuddin’s (r.a.) maternal grand father bought him pigeons to amuse Him. So He looked after them just spending the time to cheer up. When August Baba Tajuddin (r.a.) matured, His maternal grand father bought Him a horse for ridding beside this His Majesty had a violin in inheritance. He usually played some time. Mostly He spent his time in studying and reading religious books.

From the very childhood, His Majesty (r.a.) liked to confine himself to loneliness. He was very kindhearted, good natured and benevolent and avoided talking much. He often recites Maulana Rome and Hafeez Sherazi’s lines in solitude particularly the following lines of Dewan-e-Hafeez.

‘O’ man, drink wine, set the book on fire, demolish Ka’aba (The house of Allah), sit in a temple, But never thou distress a fellow human. To elaborate it further, to His Majesty, Distressing, disheartening tyrannizing, surprising and oppressing human beings was the greatest to all sins. In other words to win the heart of a fellow human is the great pilgrimage and one heart is worth more than a thousands Ka’abas (The House of Allah). The Ka’aba is mere “cottage of Ibrahim (Abraham)”, but a human heart is the very home of The All Mighty Allah.

His Majesty’s practical life was an example of virtues, kindness and benevolence, which he showered on all mankind and will continue till the day of doom. When His Majesty was in the preaching school (madarsa), The Saint predicted that the Baba Tajuddin (r.a.) is the master of Elm-e-ludni. It is obvious what materialistic knowledge His Majesty would have gained at the age of 12-13. It was the divine knowledge that he satisfied and fulfilled the question of the questioner. After this the world has witnessed that born Saints had been in the service of Highness Baba. From the youth His Majesty liked to confine himself to loneliness. In His solidity He used to experience the revelation of the divine light, to meet the unseen creatures, His prayers with deep meditation. All these acts and talks are beyond the minds of a normal person.

This deep meditation, meeting the unknowns and unseen, Resisting and absorbing the divine light of All Mighty Allah is not the act of a normal human being in the period of adolescence.

Mystic Exercise

At the age of 15 years, His Majesty (r.a.) had completed the education of Arabic, Urdu, Persian, and English. He disappeared from the house of his maternal grandfather, Syed Meeran Shah (r.a.). His Highness maternal grandfather searched Him tirelessly everywhere, gave His picture in the newspaper and held a cash prize for it but all went in vain. At last he helplessly consigned and surrendered to Allah. His maternal grandfather loved Him so much that he couldn’t overcome the grief of His absence and after few years he passed away.

After leaving His maternal grandfather’s house, His Majesty (r.a.) mostly spend His time in the jungle of Basher for mystic exercises, which is also known as Gondwana. In fact, this region and its inhabitants were very famous for Black Magic.

Due to the presence of His Majesty (r.a.), the power of their evil magic (of inhabited magicians) was ceased. Since this was there only source of income. They were very dread fully worried, therefore, they complained to their chief for the downfall of there business. Upon listening there condition, the chief told them,

“A spiritual saint had arrived in our region; he is performing his mystic exercises while hanging up side down from tree and till his presence in this area our magical powers will remain ineffective”.

On hearing this magicians started to test spells individually on His Majesty (r.a.) so that He would leave, but all in vain. Then an official meeting was called and it was decided to commence magic collectively, but by the graciousness of Almighty Allah this was also ineffectual. In fact, this collective magic had an opposite affect on them. Some of them were totally handicapped from hand, some from legs, some from tongue and some from there eye sights … after that they all become miserable and extremely worried !! Allah Almighty granted wisdom and revealed reality to them that His Majesty is a highborn Saint because there collective spell makes no difference, rather we (black magicians) suffered badly. Therefore the tribe of magicians came in the honour of His Majesty (r.a.) where August Tajuddin Aulia (r.a.) was in deep meditation hanging up side down from the tree. Witness the Glory of Almighty Allah that when those sufferers (who were punished for their misdeed) reached near the tree, they all came to their original condition (became healthy) and obeisance’s His Majesty (r.a.). As His Highness (r.a.) was still in mystic exercise, they went back, and assigned two individuals in respect of His Majesty (r.a.) on daily bases, so that as soon as His Majesty would come down from tree the individual would inform their tribesmen in order to confess on their misdeed with Tajuddin Aulia (r.a.) and to be able to serve Him in any way possible.

His Majesty (r.a.) remained in Allah’s mystic devotion for consecutive two years and after that period stepped down from the tree, on seeing so, the two men who were on duty reported their tribe immediately. Upon hearing this each & every person which was 150,000 consisting of all age groups (ladies, children, seniors, youth…) started to pay homage in respect of His Majesty (r.a.) for three continuous days for confessing and acknowledging their transgression acts. His majesty (r.a.) pardoned everyone with His benevolence and beneficence. All these people (150,000 in numbers) embraced Islam and induct (Oath for allegiance to a Saint) on the hand of August Tajuddin Aulia (r.a.), and for few days served His Highness (r.a.) a lot. These people were known as Gond in the region of C.P (India). Their business was selling herbal medicines. At that time when people enquired, who is their spiritual mentor? They replied “Venerable Tajuddin Aulia (r.a.)”.


When Venerable His Highness Tajuddin (r.a.) arrived to Kamti; His Majesty’s (r.a.) age was seventeen years old. His Highness’s (r.a.) maternal grandfather had passed away in His (r.a) grief. His maternal Uncle Syed Abdul Rehman was pleased to see His Highness (r.a.) again. August Tajuddin Aulia (r.a.) had become silent and preferred loneliness in the worship of All Mighty Allah and stated verses in trance which were beyond anyone’s horizons.

In the year 1879, there was a flood in Kanhan River in Kamti (India), nearly half of the population was victimized from the flood. Many homes were swept away including the house of His Highness’s (r.a) maternal grandfather.

All the assets of Syed Abdul Rehman were swept away by the flood and that made a lot of financial uncertainty. His Highness (r.a.) proposed to obtain a job, Insha–Allah (Allah’s will) every thing will be settled normal. His Highness (r.a.) prayed for him and His Uncle was placed as a manager in the Jungle department.

When His Majesty (r.a.) was 18 years of age; Syed Abdul Rehman advised Him to enroll in the army. But His Majesty’s maternal grandmother sad countenanced, which was the hurdle in joining army. Therefore, it had been delayed for two years.


In 1881, at the age of 20 Venerable Tajuddin Aulia (r.a.) joined army as His Majesty (r.a.) had convinced His maternal grandmother with great difficultly. His Highness’s tallness, strong physique and sound health were absolutely perfect for the armed forces.

His Majesty Taj-ul-Aulia (r.a.) in 1881, were enlisted in the Nagpur Regiment no# 8 as a Corporal, which was known as Madrasi Platoon. His Majesty’s (r.a.) mystic routines were not effected in spite of His employment. After the duty hours His Majesty (r.a.) was seen busy in worshiping Almighty Allah. At night people heard His Majesty (r.a.) reciting verses of Hafiz Sherazi (r.a.) and Mulalna Roomi (r.a.). Due to His (r.a.) simple life style and honesty, His officers were very pleased.

His Majesty (r.a.) taught the Holy Quran to Mr. Bennis an American officer and also taught the study of spiritualism to an officer named Mr. William. After this Mr. William went to Calcutta and spent rest of his life in a graveyard. His Majesty (r.a.) visited several countries with the army. Even while miles away from base station His Majesty (r.a.) never compromised His prayers (Namaz) & spiritual practice under any circumstances and performed them punctually. His Highness’s (r.a.) daily life was well disciplined and organized.

His Majesty (r.a.) spent three years in Kamti and after that period His regiment was divided in two groups. One group remained in Kamti while other dispatched to Saagar Cantonment. His Majesty (r.a.) was included in the Saagar regimental group, this happened in 1884.

His Majesty (r.a.) arranged accommodation for His maternal grandmother and relatives then proceeded for Saagar (C.P. India). Even there His Majesty’s (r.a.) routine of prayers and mystical exercises remained the same. Once His Majesty (r.a.) came to see His maternal grandmother on leave and stayed with her for a few days and returned back. Now His abstinence and mystic devotion towards Allah was on the crest.

Baba Tajuddin (r.a.) was posted at Saagar depot. At night 9 o’clock after duty hours, He used to go to the Shrine of Baba Dauood Maki (r.a.) and remained there busy in observation, deep meditation and contemplation all night long then return back to depot in early morning hours before the time of parade. This routine continued for straight two years. Even after two years He used to visit the Shrine of Dauood Maki (r.a.) once or twice a week. Up till His stay in Saagar there was no change in this routine.

When His Majesty’s maternal grandmother was informed; that her grand son spent the whole night outside the army camp, she thought that her grandson might have been involved in notorious activities. Therefore she came to Saagar and stayed to investigate the absence of her grandson during nights. She found that the rumour was true. One morning when His Majesty (r.a.) came back after spending the night somewhere, she offered Him breakfast but His Highness prevaricated by saying

“I am not hungry”

This worried her more, and she decided to pursuit Him. In the night when His Majesty (r.a.) headed towards uninhibited place, she chased him. She saw that her grandson entered in a shrine. After a couple of minutes, she went inside and saw that her grandson was busy in prayers and divine observation. She was relieved to see her grandson rapt in deep meditation and prayers. She gave a blessing and came back calmly.

When His Majesty (r.a.) came back in the morning, He had little stones in His hand. Grandmother offered Him breakfast; His Majesty (r.a.) showed her the stones and said

“Grandmother! I eat these sweets and confections”.

His Majesty (r.a.) started eating the stones as if He was eating confections. His grandmother couldn’t say anything after looking at his condition.


The doubts which she came with found the reciprocal of it. His Majesty (r.a.) also satisfied His maternal grandmother. Therefore, she left His Majesty (r.a.) in the guardianship of Almighty Allah and left to Kamti. After long working hours His Majesty (r.a.) spent the whole night in the honour of His Sheikh (Almighty Allah & Pan-chantana-pak) and in the shrine of Hazrat Dauood Makki (r.a.). With a span of time one promising night an endowment message revealed. Voyage of hard prayers ended, at last the seeker tête-à-tête with his creator. A concealed voice was heard frequently, It commanded

“Mang! Kya Mangta Hai”
Meaning; “Demand! What you crave?”

To answer Tajuddin (r.a.) replied,
“Oh my Allah! I crave you, from you”

Almighty Allah blessed His Majesty (r.a.) with His Nuur (The divine light of Allah) and He got rapt in the Nuur of Allah. God transpired on Him. The high of affiliation brought the seeker so close to God that the entire veil eradicated. Now by observing himself, it reminded him the presence of Allah. Self entity and relevant urges ended there. Before His Majesty (r.a.) could reach His residence His eminence and distinction was announced and declared in all the dynasties and universes.

As narrated in a Hadith;

Translation - Hazrat Abu Horarah narrates that Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.s.) says, “When Almighty Allah loves His obedient servant, Angle Jibraeli (Gabriel) is proclaimed by Allah that I love (xyz) servant so you also love him. Hence Angle Jibraeli begins to love him. Then he decrees that Allah loves that servant so you also love him. Upon this all the creatures of the climes and skies begin to love him and after this his eminence is divulges on the earth”.

Will Not Do Two Jobs

His Majesty (r.a.) served as a soldier in British Government of India for five years. At Nagpur, in the Kamti Military Camp His Majesty (r.a.) was assigned as a military guard at arsenal. One night at about two O’ clock, unexpectedly a military Captain Officer came for inspection. He saw His Majesty (r.a.) performing His duty attentively and after interrogation he headed back. On his way back he saw His Majesty (r.a.) in the courtyard of a small mosque, which was at a distance of 250 meters from the arsenal. The courtyard of the mosque was stunning with the moonlight. He observed His Majesty (r.a.) praying in the courtyard of this mosque. As this captain was Christian, he stood astonished there for a while. Then he went back at arsenal, there he saw His Majesty (r.a.) on his duty performing attentively. His Majesty (r.a.) called loudly.

“Who is there?”

The Captain got satisfied and went back. Then again he observed His Majesty (r.a.) contemplated in deep prayers in the mosque. He stepped up to mosque and watched His Majesty (r.a.) closely and again went back to the arsenal and found His Majesty (r.a.) on duty. Thus the Captain got amused because it already happened three times and he returned back without saying anything.

On next morning, His Majesty (r.a.) had been called at Senior Officer’s office and the captain told the whole story which happened at night. And after mentioning the whole story the captain paid attention to His Majesty (r.a.) and said,

“I saw you last night at two different locations; I think that you are a special man of God”.

On hearing this His Majesty (r.a.) got enraged, His Majesty (r.a.) returned back and brought all His army uniforms and stuff and placed it in front of the officers and said in His unique accent,

Baba Tajuddin: “Lo gi Hazrat! Ab do do  nokariany nahee kertey, Gee Hazrat”

Baba Tajuddin: “Here you go Mister! I will not do two jobs at a time. O mister!”

Lieutenant Major: “You are going to be promoted. In these circumstances it is not advisable to retire”.

Baba Tajuddin:  “I got the promotion which I was waiting for! Which promotion are you talking about? ”

After that His Majesty (r.a.) took off His uniform, and came out from military base. At this time His Majesty (r.a.) was wearing a cloth of jute. The officer thought that His Majesty (r.a.) had gone lunatic, so he informed all His relatives. His Majesty’s (r.a.) maternal Uncle Abdul Rehman’s father-in-law Sir Zahoor Baig who was in the same platoon, informed His maternal grandmother at Kamti. The motherhood love of His grandmother brought her to His Majesty (r.a.).

The Era of Ecstasy & Trance

When Sir Zahoor Baig informed maternal grandmother of His Majesty about the condition of His Majesty (r.a.) she reached immediately to Saagar.  His Majesty (r.a.) did not seem to be in his senses and his clothes were striped off. He kept on wandering in the streets of Saager. It seemed as if he had no desire of food and clothes. His condition was extremely restless and in a state of continuous wondering in search of something. While searching, sometimes he faced towards jungle or sometimes spent several hours under the shade of a tree in deep meditation without taking rest or meal. The level of worries and anxiousness was on its peek, when His grandmother saw him. Somehow, she managed to bring Him back to Kamti. There she consulted various medical treatments for the health of His Majesty. Commonly, it was considered that due to excess of worship and mystic exercise the mental disorder was caused. They also thought that His Majesty (r.a.) might commit some blunder or mistake during His Chilla (i.e. mystic exerciser for limited days) which disturbed His mental status. Hence, religious scholars, neurologist surgeon, and doctors were consulted but all were in vain and were unable to diagnose the actual disease.

Sirkar Tajullaulia His Majesty’s (r.a.) condition was something else. It was the year 1887. Now he was not an ordinary person on whom any medical treatment or benediction could affect. Now His Majesty (r.a.) was completely enraptured in the state of ecstasy and trance, regardless of worldly matters. He was completely lost in the Nuur (divine Light of Allah). Admired Allah and only Allah and there was nothing except the existence of love of Almighty Allah. Likewise, His Majesty (r.a.) used to stand in the sun and would roam on the streets without caring of hunger and thirst. Materialistic foolish people unaware of His greatness and dignity started calling Him mad.

In Kamti, little children used to throw stones and pebbles on His Majesty (r.a.) [as you are well aware of a similar incident with the Holy Prophet Mohammed May Peace be upon him- the children of Taif use to throw stones and pebbles on Holy Prophet Mohammed May Peace be upon him] if some one obstructed them, His Majesty (r.a.) used to say,

“Why do you S these children? These cute little children throwing flowers on me which are very aromatic”

His grandmother could not bear all this grief and she passed away. After her death His Maternal uncle took up the responsibility of His Majesty (r.a.) but his condition remained as it was.

His uncle was working in the forest department and was posted in Chanda. He took His Majesty (r.a.) with him. There was a vast community of people who practiced black magic. His uncle even tried to take Him to these magicians for His treatment but all in vain. His condition was incurable. Who had those guts to treat Him? Cure of true lover is the glimpse of His love.

His Majesty (r.a.) used to roam around in the jungle of Chandra. People saw His Majesty (r.a.) riding a lion in this era. Therefore, His Majesty (r.a.) became famous by the name of Lion’s Tajuddin.

Sometimes His Majesty (r.a.) used to go to the old abundant palace of Chandra or used to sit in deep meditation under the bridges. His Majesty (r.a.) didn’t care about hunger nor He needed clothes. Winter, summer and rain had no effect on him. Helplessly his maternal uncle left him in Kamti.

Now there was no one in Kamti to look after His Majesty (r.a.), That’s why His Majesty (r.a.) wandered on the streets. His Majesty (r.a.) spent his time in abandoned palaces or under bridges, and did not eat for many days. If some body offered Him food His Majesty (r.a.) would distribute it among dogs. A limited cloth covered his body. His Majesty (r.a.) also stayed in the temple garden house for two days or more. During his stay in the garden the people saw a pottery in His Majesty’s (r.a.) hand.

His Majesty (r.a.) used to go to Mr. Tronger Compounder residence at the cantonment hospital and His Majesty (r.a.) called his wife by the name of "Mai”.

In the era when His Majesty (r.a.) became famous as the Lion Rider or famed as Sher Tajuddin, He often came to a room in the new market of Kamti for endeavor. Here, His Majesty (r.a.) collected pointed stones and rested on them for self-denial and this practice went on for a year or a year an half. His Majesty (r.a.) spent most of his time in the jungles and after a few months came back to Kamti. Even here he didn’t stay at one point. His Majesty (r.a.) used to frequently visit the house of a Madrasi family in the evening. This gentleman had no children. When His Majesty (r.a.) visited his house, he presented food with humbleness and respect to His Majesty (r.a.). And if someday His Majesty (r.a.) came late, he waited outside the door for His Majesty (r.a.). One day as routine trip His Majesty (r.a.) went to his house. The Madrasi individual presented food and His Majesty (r.a.) said,

“ Girta Hay to Gir Tajuddin to hay ”
If it demolish! Let it be Tajuddin is their

This Madrasi individual heard those words of His Majesty (r.a.) but did not pay attention. Infact, this Madrasi man also thought that His Majesty (r.a.) is mentally disturbed. Just as His Majesty (r.a.) left the house, the house of the Madrasi collapsed, the man and his wife were not wounded at all. Then this man recalled the words of Baba Tajuddin

“If it demolish! Let it be Tajuddin is their”

His doubt was clear that Baba Tajuddin (r.a.) is a Wali Allah. This family started paying special respect to His Majesty (r.a.).One day by finding His Majesty in a pleasant mood he requested, that I am childless. His Majesty (r.a.) did not respond at all. Madrasi man requested continuously. Then Baba Sahib replied,

“Tajuddin bless you with three offspring, out of which there will be a pundit”

Simultaneously, this family was blessed with three sons. And one was a known Pundit. Likewise, the miracles revealed. This caused a huge mob of (ailing, seekers……) to gather around Him. All these unusual interferences caused disturbance in His Majesty’s routine prayers. For this reason Baba Sahib( His Majesty) chose a park of a British-man. From this act, no one could interrupt in his routine prayers. This was the era of British Empire, and general public was usually afraid of these British nationals. But even there the public reached to the owner of this garden, and requested him to kindly grant permission to meet Baba Sahib. Because he is a Saint of Allah, as we request for our desires and He prays to Allah which full fill completely. Hence, the British granted permission and this again caused a huge mob in respect of Baba Sahib. Therefore His Majesty came up with a unique technique so that this British man was obliged to send Baba Sahib to Nagpur by horse cart.

Mantel Hut

While His Majesty Baba Tajuddin (r.a.) was staying at garden of an Englishman, faraway from all and sundry in meditation of Allah the Almighty, people peculiarly started to flock day and night at this place too, in such a manner that it disturbed His Majesty’s meditation prayers seriously. One day His Majesty Baba Tajuddin enunciated:

Log Hamain Bhot Satatey hein, ub ham pagal jhopri chale jain ge
Translation: “Throng disturbs us a lot, now we will have to go to Mental hut!”

The next day, His Majesty reached to a Ladies Club, and stood undraped in median where few European ladies were playing Tennis, this made them uncomfortable; in reaction they convene for Police immediately, and pleaded to detain His Majesty. Therefore, on 27 August 1892 Gregorian, on the directives of Cantonment Magistrate and District Magistrate His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.) was admitted to a mental hospital, and consequently his divine aspiration came true. His Majesty was chuckling while getting chastisement from Police and declared delightfully:

“Hoo gee! We will go to Mantel hut! “

Therefore, through this technique a Wali (Saint) had entered a Mental Hospital by pretending to be a psychosomatic.

At this stage, Baba was 31 years of age, therefore this incident occurred in 1892. In Mental Hospital’s Register His Majesty’s age was mentioned is 31 years, 5 months and 7 days, and that date was 27 August 1892, and day was Thursday.

The state of Jazb (Condition of enrapture) is also like a psychosomatic condition. Materialistic World has always considered Walli’s (Saints) as lunatic, in fact they are the ones who have forgotten there identity in passion of remembering and loving Allah Almighty. Finally, at Mental hospital, Baba Sahib had an opportunity of solitude, and here His Majesty spent most of his time in meditation and devotion. Likewise, His Majesty Baba Sahib spent a period of 16 years in mental hospital, and during this span of 16 years peculiar incidents took place….

…On 27 August 1892, His Majesty Baba Sahib was admitted in mental hospital, but on the same day He was seen itinerant in Kamti (whereas from Nagpur to Kamty is a long way). While Aradly (servant) of Mental Hospital’s English officers was doing groceries at Kamti market, he amazingly witnessed His Majesty Baba Sahib, and reported this immediately to his officer (This was the same officer who transferred His Majesty Baba Sahib to mental hospital on the order of Magistrate). So, upon hearing this information, the English officer become snappy, and took his horse immediately to Kamty and pursuits where His Majesty Baba Sahib was sitting in deep meditation beneath a tree, on finding this out, the officer become more infuriate and pulled his horse back to Nagpur and reached to the mental hospital, and asked the Doctor furiously “Where is the lunatic whom I had brought yesterday ?” The Doctor become traumatised to hear this, and responded that he is confined in his cell! Immediately both of them approached the cell where His Majesty Baba Sahab was refrained. The English officer was amazed to see that His Majesty was sitting in the same posture in which he saw him a while ago beneath the tree in Kamti. This bolt from the blue developed tremendous revere in the heart of English officer for His Majesty Baba Sahib, and each Sunday he paid respect in accolade of His Majesty with his wife and children.

On the other hand, Baba Sahib’s appearance at two places became widespread in Kamti. Sometimes His Majesty was glimpsed at the doorsteps of his aficionado, and sometimes sitting beneath any tree. Dr. Abdul Hameed Khan was in-charge of the Mental hospital, one night he found Baba Sahib was walking in mental hospital porch, so he screamed at the security guard: “Why didn’t you lock the cell?” The security guard took the doctor and showed him that the door of Baba’s cell was properly locked and His Majesty was inside, this was shocking for the Doctor and he, couldn’t believe what he had seen, in this condition he glimpsed at the door once and on His Majesty Baba Sahib second…. Meanwhile Baba Sahib said from inside:

“ Kia Dekta Hey? Hawa to Ati Hey aur Jatti bhi hey”
Translation: (What do you witness? For sure air circulates inwards and outwards)

The Doctor marvelled at Baba Sahib, and esteemed His Majesty from the core of his heart, and started visiting and paying respect regularly. During his stay in mental hospital His Majesty Baba Sahib’s state of JAZB and ISTAGRAQ condition (state of deep meditation) was lessened, and  His Majesty mostly remained in the conscious state. Even during this condition of complete perception and consciousness, miracles were happening from His Majesty with such continuity that it seemed the occurrence of these Supernatural events was not an extraordinary thing to him, but a daily routine.

As per schedule, one night at the end of the day His Majesty Baba Tajuddin (r.a.) was taken back to His room, and was locked from outside, also the main door of hospital had been locked. The next morning when the guard opened the main door, he was stunned to see His Majesty Baba Tajuddin was waiting to come inside!!! So, he informed the management and doctors immediately. They came instantaneously and approached His Majesty Baba Sahib and took him to his room, when they reached the door of Baba’s room, they discovered that the door was firmly locked from outside. Now it was almost clear to them that His Majesty Baba Tajuddin (r.a.) was not an ordinary person. Therefore, they did not say a single word, but there believes and respect for His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.) grew further.

Mantel Runaway

While His Majesty was residing at the Mental hospital, one day a patient ran away. Later in the evening (as per hospital routines) when all the patients were congregated for attendance, that mental patient was missing. This was conveyed to Dr. Abdul Majeed, on which he became anxiously predicament, as that patient was admitted through a high-ranking officer. Now, he came under severe distress, walking back and forth, and thinking what should the plan be to search him. During that His Majesty Baba Sahib approached the doctor by himself and said: “Kion ghabratta Hey: Subaha Ajaiga” (why are you distressing, he will be back by next morning) Doctor was already a devotee of His Majesty so this calmed him down. The next morning, the escaped patient returned back, and stood in front of the hospital’s main gate, which hospital employees witnessed and they brought him inside, and informed the doctor, who delightedly came at once. While investigating him with curiosity he asked him how he escaped, and how did he come back? The mental patient replied like a normal person. I was going to my house, but on my way I found brother Tajuddin, he beat me forcefully, brought me back to the hospital, and personally went inside, leaving me at the entrance outside. In fact, while I was waiting for him to come, your guards arrested and brought me inside. After encountering this, the Doctor and his staff were extremely impressed from His Majesty Baba Sahab’s Karamat.

Fees on Convention

Once His Majesty completed His Mujahidad (spiritual endeavours) masses started to assemble and visit His Majesty at The Mental Hospital, whoever paid respect with aspirations, and desire, returned back with the benevolence and gratification as per his wish. Due to this prominence government set up a fee on whoever wanted to see His Majesty. At the beginning, a 2 Anans Fee was set (2 Annas are like 2 cents, and at that time this amount was equivalent to 2000 of today’s currency) but the inward multitude of the people didn’t decrease. Therefore as time passes the fee hiked upto 1 Rupees (equivalent to 10,000 of today’s money), but even then people didn’t confine. His Majesty’s Karamat’s (super natural acts fame) had spread to all parts of India, and now people started to come from far-flung places, from all kinds of ethical backgrounds and religions, consisting of every nationalities, groups and religions, either Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Parsi, Christian, etc. Even English bureaucrats, and VIP citizens, abstained from paying respect and visit to His Majesty. One of them was Sir Anthony McDonald who was a Commissioned Colonel and a Civil Surgeon and lot of others like him. Irrespective of these officers, officials from other nations and Muslim officials also paid visit in respect of His Majesty. To name few were like:

Mr. Moti. Suppressant of Police. Khan Bahadur, Hafiz Willayat Allah Khan, Assistant Commissioner, and MahaRaja (Prince) Bahadur Ragoo Jee Rao Bhonsley paid visits in respect of His Majesty.

Raja Raghu Jee Rao’s Attendance

Raja Raghu Jee Rao’s son, Prince Vanaiq Rao’s wife was pregnant, and was suffering from intense labour pain. Complete day had passed, and her distressed condition couldn’t get better. All the well known Surgeons and Gynaecologists of Nagpur Metropolis were beside here to assist, and every professional effort was made to help her, but due to complications, she was unable to deliver the baby.

The matter had become severe, and the younger Maharani (Crown Princess) was almost falling unconscious from this anguish. Time was passing quickly, and it was getting late. With the deteriorating situation, the team of Gynaecologists and Specialists jointly scrutinised her, and concluded in connoisseur that the baby had already expired in mother’s womb. Now, In order to save mother’s life it had to be removed surgically, otherwise she would die too. The suggestion of surgery and removing the baby by cutting into pieces was overruled by Raja Raghu Jee Rao and by Elder Maharani (Raghu Jee Rao’s wife), and they ordered:

“If Crown Princess wants to die, let her, but we will not allow her to suicide”

Therefore, the whole night was spent in this condition. In early morning at 6 ‘o’ clock when Raja Raghu Jee Rao finished his Puja (Hindu Worship), his driver who was a Muslim, and a true believer and devotee of His Majesty Baba Sahib approached Raja and said:

“Your Excellency! At this stage, If you really want to save young maharani’s (princess) life, then please accept my humble request, and lets proceed to the mental hospital, where one of Allah’s greatest Wali (Saint) who’s name is Hazrat Baba Tajuddin Aulliah is residing. Everyone from this city and out side is taking maximum beneficence from Baba. Please accept my demand and let us go in respect of Baba Sahib”

This is what Allah Subhanu has destined. Raja Raghu Jee Rao’s luck was shining, at that time he was dressed up in his Puja (worship) outfits, which they call as “Patamber” and it is very sanctified to them, which couldn’t be worn outside. He was so impressed; that he didn’t even change and instantaneously ran bare footed, and rode the car. The driver swiftly speeded the car passing by downtown, cantonment until they reached the main gate of the Mental hospital, where Superintendent of the hospital, and rest of the staff approached hastily upon hearing the news of arrival of Raja Sahib. The driver left Raja Sahib in the car, and presented himself in front of Baba Sahib.

At that moment, His Majesty Baba Sahib was sitting carefree in Ala’m-e-Salook (state of ecstasy and trance) outside of his private room in Payeen garden. The driver fore kissed His Majesty’s feet, and supplicated respectfully Hazrat Jee (Your Majesty) Raja Raghu Jee Rao has come here from Shakar Dara to pay homage in respect of Your Highness, and seeks permission in order to present himself before you, and to fore kiss. Upon hearing this, His Majesty Baba Sahib raised his head and said:

Hum Fakeer Jee Hazrat, Hamray sey Raja ka Kiya Kam, Jee Hazrat ?
We are a Faqeer (virtuous) Hazrat (A respected person) what Raja (ruler) has to do from us?

The driver embraced Baba Sahib’s feets again, and requested humbly: Your Majesty Please grant permission for fore kissing. It will be a great benevolence! On this, His Majesty

Baba Sahib kept silent; the driver sprinted towards Raja and said to him: Please come quickly, and once you are there, grasp Hazoor (His Majesty Baba Sahib's) feet immediately. Raja came out from his car immediately, and went inside and while presenting himself in respect of Baba Sahib he snatched HIS MAJESTY Baba Sahibs Feet. Hazoor (HIS MAJESTY Baba Sahib) glimpsed and enunciated:

“Idhar Kia Kartey Jee Hazrat, Udahr Jana, Larka Paida Hua, Tu Khusian Manana”
What are you doing here Hazrat Jee, go there, a baby boy has born, celebrate

This is His Majesty Baba Sahib’s specific dialect. The driver was a true aficionado and enamoured of HIS MAJESTY Baba Sahib, contended and said immediately: Let’s go master, our requirement has been rewarded! At the same time the driver withdrew his watch from his pocket, and noted the time (that exact Hour, minute and second) when His Majesty Baba Sahab spelled the above blessed words and took Raja Raghu travelling back to Shakardarah.

Prior to reaching the Castle entrance, from very far distant sound of drums, biguls, and band and trumpets could be heard. Upon reaching near, they got a view that everyone was happily rejoicing, commemorating, celebrating, and wishing the good news to each other. As soon as car the s ped, every one rushed towards Raja, greeted cheerfully and joyfully, and conveyed the good news one by one.

Raja in condition of enraptured forgot self in this excitement. The Queen mother, Princes and Princesses, and the entire royal family came excited, everyone was enjoying the glorious moments. However, the driver requested Raja unswervingly:

My Master, please advise me the correct time of birth of the newly born Prince from the Pundits (Hindu religious Scholar) and all the other dominant figures who are present inside and will prepare new born Prince’s zodiac, and from attendant servants and team of Doctors.

Therefore, after each and every scrutiny it was confirmed that at the time when Hazoor Baba Sahib enunciated those blessed words:

“Idhar Kia Kartey Jee Hazrat, Udahr Jana, Larka Paida Hua, Tu Khusian Manana”
What are you doing here Hazrat Jee, go there, a baby boy has born, celebrate

Precisely at that very tick, that baby boy was born, upon which all the specialist Doctors and Gynecologists were astounded, and so were the rest of the people.

From Psychic Hospital to Shakardara

Apart from all those individuals who were able to pay the government imposed fee at the Mental hospital, and capable presents and there tribute in respect of His Majesty ,His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.) and gaining his countless beneficence, unlikely, there were thousands of underprivileged people who could not pay that fee and were deprived from those blessings. Therefore, an application was submitted to the management of the Mental hospital stating that His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.) is not insane, in reality his Majesty is a saintliness Auliya Allah (Allah’s Friend) and a vast majority are driven away from this sanctity because they cannot afford to pay this forced fee.

Based on this application verified by the hospital management, the commissioner adjudicated it, legally anyone could fulfill the requirement of personal guarantee and could take Sarkar (His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.). Therefore, as soon as Mr. Raja Raghoo Jee Rao came to know about this ruling, he paid a bail of 2000 Rupees, and brought His Majesty from Hospital to his palace in Shakar Dara.

This was confirmed by Mr. Pimplekar Deputy Care taker of the Mental hospital in Nagpur. When His Majesty was valediction the hospital on September 21st September, after a span of 16 years, he said:

Yeh Jagah Khali Nahi Rahey gee
This place will not remain vacant

Therefore, from that day to this day, saintliness persona can be found in that Mental hospital. Significantly, when Raja Raghoo Jee Rao was accompanying His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.) heading towards his palace, a very unusual panorama was witnessed. It was enormously huge convoy, compromising of diversified people from all types of religions, and sects, i.e. Christians, Hindu, Muslims, etc., everyone was participating equally and indifferently. They were all in a form of a procession. Raja Raghoo Rao was sitting with His Majesty Baba Tajuddin Sahab, traveling on of an elephant in the center, which was being escorted with a long strip of Royal guards and Knights in front and back, dressed in their colorful attire, riding on horse and camels, along with the Royal band marching in front. As, the grand carnival enroute to its destination passing from hospital to cantonment to main bazaar a huge crowd of devotees were joining the stream alongside and paying respect to His Majesty. To an extent only head and heads could be seen, and such a heavy shower of flowers was shed that it filled the air. This entire vista was marvelous. Therefore, with all the pride and honor, that King of Wiliat (Saint) who was in the attire of (Fakeer) reached Shakardara and gave its worthiness. Raja Raghoo Jee Rao’s Princesses and rest of the ladies, and hundreds of family members came forwards and forkissed His Majesty His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.) in the presence of Raja Raghoo Jee Rao. It was an honor of His Highness Syed Amjad Ali Shah Taji the author of this event, that he walked alone with the convoy from hospital to the Palace, and witnessed the whole account.

After that, His Majesty His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.) started living in Shukardara permanently, and from time to time Raja Ragoo Jee Rao paid respect in reverence of His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.). Raja had dedicated a large special portion in front of his Palace for the residence of His Majesty. A mob of devotees throng around His Majesty day and night, to get their aspiration and desires fulfilled, and now people were visiting frequently without any hindrance. His Majesty’s benevolence was on everyone, it happened mostly that His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.), enunciate some Zikar ( ), or about someone’s name and pronounce about him something in his specific dialect, after a short while that same person would arrive there and speak the same which His Majesty had stated before an hour or two.

His Majesty always smoked beedri (form of leave tobacco, which can be smoked) therefore, it was Hazrat Moulana Mohammad Abdul Ahad Bhopalee Sahib’s duty to always carry beedri and matches in his hand (when ever in presence of His Majesty), so that when ever His Majesty commanded for Beedri ,he would present Beedri to His Majesty’s and light it. If His Majesty commanded for a beedri and someone else presented beedri from his pocket, then His Majesty His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.) would not accept it and would not smoke. His Majesty’s meals routine was something like this, Raja Ragoo Jee Rao had done special arrangements for His Majesty, a servant was always on standby with two big plates of breakfast behind of His Majesty, and the Pitcher of water was always on his shoulder, after every six hours, the food had been replaced by fresh food, whenever His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.) desired, masticate 2-3 bites, otherwise did not eat for couple of days. Sometime His Majesty sipped water, and sometimes not.

After living for a month in Shakardara, His Majesty moved to Waki Jungles after acquiescence of Maharaja.

Stay at Waki Shareef

Patel Sheri Kashi Naath Rao was His Majesty’s (r.a.) devotee. He was suffering from joint pains, for which he frequently used to come to Nagpur for treatment. One day while crossing by the Mental hospital, he saw a great mob of people. Upon questioning, He came to know that the mob is waiting for glimpse of a virtuous His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.). Upon seeing His majesty, Kasnhi Naath bent his head down in respect, His Majesty said:

“Nana, Aap theek Ho Jatey. Hum tumharey Ghar Ayen Gey”
Grandfather, you will be fine, we will come to your house

Kashi Naath Rao’s joints pain was healing, he kept on coming to His majesty without interruption, until he became one of the regular devotees in paying respect to His Majesty (r.a.).

One day, His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.), was touring in Maharaja’s horse cart, upon reaching Paathan Sauwngee, His Majesty commanded

“Nana ko Bulaye hum waki Jain ge”.
Call grandfather, we will go to Waki. Immediately this message was conveyed to Waki which is situated 4 Miles away in South of Paathan Sauwngee.

Kashi Naath Rao Patel immediately arrived with four Buffalo carts, and with a warm welcome accompanied back with His Majesty to Waki. This way His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.) reached Waki.

Kashi Naath Rao Patel didn’t leave any effort in care and service of His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.). He assigned numerous servants to server His Majesty (r.a.), along himself dedicated to His Majesty’s service, but His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.),  never rested on bed, whenever he rested, he rested on floor, whenever He sat, He sat on floor, and even if relaxed, He relaxed on floor. Whatever the season, His Majesty wore only a Kurta (Shirt) throughout all seasons. His Majesty remained bare Head and Foot.

Likewise, while at Mental Hospital His Majesty revealed various miracles and benevolence for humanity, similarly here at Waki His Majesty’s munificence and miracles carried on.

Baba Tajuddin’s (r.a.) Educational, Devotional & Welfare Centers

While at stay at Waki Shareef, His Majesty (r.a.) formed a Masjid (mosque), Madarsa (School), Shifa Khana (Hospital), and a Adalat (Court) under a vast Tree of Tamarind in Patel’s Farm, and spent most of His time there, busy in devotion and meditation. Devotees paid their respect, and got His Majesty’s benevolence. Patel constructed a dwelling for His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.) His Majesty gave name to this place as NAGPUR. Gradually as time passes, people came there and stayed, the population increased densely, and it become a suburb.

Masjid (Mosque)

His Majesty Baba Sahab (r.a.) had given a corner in his back yard of residence as Masjid (Mosque).His Majesty ordered all those who were suffering from Spiritual problems and diseases to pray there. Within few days, they revert back towards Allah Jee, praying regularly, wholeheartedly, and steadfastly, and would return back to there homes successfully.

This was proven that, whoever had prayed in this Masjid (Mosque) he became free from all kinds of spiritual and psychological problems.

Madrasa (School)

His Majesty Baba Sahab (r.a.) named a huge mango tree as Madrasa (School), and directed all weak students to study there, within a day or two, they revolutionized into genius students. A mass group of students came over, and returned, loaded with His Majesty’s benevolence, and bags of Spiritual and Educational knowledge. Numerous students graduated from here becoming, successful Lawyers, Bureaucrat, Spiritual leaders, Lawmakers, etc. Even here, there were not any kind of discrimination between them, in fact the school was open to everyone, extraneously of there ethical backgrounds, religion, sect, cast, or color. Until now, by the blessing of His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.) this school is still enlightening and benefiting those in quest of knowledge.

Shifa Khana (Hospital)

Two yards away, on the west of the dwelling, lay a Mango Tree, which His Majesty Baba Sahab (r.a.) called as Hospital. If someone with incurable disease approached His Majesty, Baba ordered him to stay under that tree.

His majesty (r.a.) enunciates:

“Hamarey Shifa Khaney mey dakhil hotey, Achey ho jatey”
Get admited in our Shifa khane (Hospital), and get well soon.

Those who go their, get well at the same moment and some within two to four days while staying there. Once, an Englishman who was frustrated from his long illness, and was so weak, that could he could barely walk, came to His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.). His Majesty gave him dried bread and ordered him to dip it in water and eat it, and stay in Hospital. That Englishman followed the orders, and kept on eating the dried bread with dipping in water, until he completely got well. When his relatives came to see him, they were unable to recognize him.

Adalat (Court)

His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.) calls a Mango Tree near the Madarsa (School), as Kicheri (Court). When baffled persons come distressed in worldly problems, His Majesty orders them to stay in this Kicheri (Court), and do not leave until He orders them to leave.

As per His Majesty supreme orders, the distressed stays, beneath that Mango Tree, and when he returns to his home after the permission, the conditions and problems has been resolved. There were not only hundred rather thousand of such devotees who were salvaged, and were benefited. Lot of them was victimized by false case by English Courts, and was trapped in injustice of English courts. After coming to His Majesty Baba Sahib's (r.a.) court, they get bailed in every case, and got the security they were looking. Till today, people come, place their requests in Wire file, and getting the blessings and benevolence.

This way, sometimes His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.) stays in Waki Shareef and sometimes in Maharaja’s Palace in Shukardura. Besides, in Waki Shareef His Majesty had named a place as Prade Ground.

Sweet Tree

One day His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.) was relaxing beneath a Neem (Margo's) Tree, a patient came in Baba Sahib’s (r.a.) respect, Baba Sahib (r.a.) ORDERED HIM,

“Fetch the Leaves and Eat"

This person gazed towards the Margo tree, thought of the tree’s sourness, and stood back. Baba Sahib (r.a.) answered his feeling and Said;

“Who said this tree leaves are Bitter, wherever our sight goes, everything is sweet and sweet”

That person obeyed Baba Sahib’s (r.a.) order and ate the leaves; he was in great shock, that the tree leaves were really sweet. Even now, this river of benevolence sustains till present and a complete cure for all kind of diseases.

Returning to Shukardara

During Baba Sahib’s stay at Waki Sharif, Raja Ragoo Jee Rao paid respect and served very frequently. He considered Baba Sahib’s (r.a.) devotion a great asset. Raja’s devotion and care implored Baba Sahib (r.a.) back to Shukar Dara.

Raja Ragoo Gee Rao reserved a dedicated area in his Palace specifically for Baba Sahib (r.a.), and assigned trustworthy servants to serve Baba Sahib (r.a.). They conducted there best possible efforts to gratify His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.). Raja Rao also squirrel away a Horse Cart for Baba Sahib (r.a.) along with a driver. But Baba Sahib (r.a.) did not require all these luxuries, But Baba Sahib (r.a.) were only indulge in Allah's reverence. Only the divine light appeared in all sights. (NOOR E ILAHI)

Baba Sahib (r.a.) stayed in Raga Rago Gee Rao palace. His palace was close to the Nagpur Station at the distance of Two and a half kilometer. There was a separate lane going to Raja’s palace. On both side of the road, there were small hunts, in which Baba Sahib’s (r.a.) devotees or in common words ,as Baba Sahib (r.a.) calls “his children” (BACCHAY) lived.

It was only Baba Sahib (r.a.), who filled this palace in to a large town. All the time it exhibited the theme “recreational area environment”.

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Praise Worthy & Encomium

Praise Worthy & Encomium

Physique of Bawa (r.a.)

His Majesty Hazrat Baba Tajuddin (r.a.) had a magnificent height of 6 Feet 9 Inches; therefore even in multitude of throng His Majesty can be distinguished easily and prominently.

His Majesty’s sanctified forehead was broad, which was always glowing and radiant; colour was dark brownish; celestial face was straight & sharp, blessed with a beard, neck was long and smooth; arms were long and robust; legs were also lengthy and sturdy; and body was slim and slender. His Majesty’s never wore anything on his blessed head; and often remains bare footed, had a Madrasi Dialect, and His Majesty’s conversation was full of humbleness and gentleness.

Way of Addressing

His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.), replies evenly in the same gesture as someone addresses. If someone says “Baba” His Majesty also calls him Baba. If someone says “Bhai” (Brother) His Majesty also give equal respect and call him Bhai.

Pen & Paper

Readers! If I kept on writing on Hazoor (r.a.) Benevolence, Munificence & affection this itself will need a proportion of books; when my Uncle requested Hazoor (r.a.) that if it’s permissible than can I arrange an writer to sit nearby His Majesty, so he can record His Majesty’s accounts on daily basis, on this Sarkar (lord) (r.a.) said:

“ Kagaz Kalam Khan sey lay ga “
From where you will bring equivalent Pen & Paper

So, based on this envisage that only on His Majesty’s (r.a.) benevolence a heap of mountain of books can be written. Therefore I sojourn on this condense account in order to write briefly on other accounts.

Pace of Speed

His Majesty (r.a.) was swift footed, alacrity and fast momentum paced; walks with steadfastness with eyes closed while in condition of Muraqba (deep meditation) and Istigraak (Rapt), irrespective how dangerous the trail. His Majesty (r.a.) never impaired by anything on path, neither ever struck by stone, nor ever spiked by any thorn, instead thrones sprawl under His Majesty’s foot. Beast of Jungles fore kiss the blessed foot of Hazoor (r.a.), and whoever accompanied him, also did not get hurt by anything. By observing the pace of speed of His Majesty (r.a.) one will say it looks like that he (r.a.) is walking moalaq (in air) floating in air rather than walking on the ground. Once of Bawa Tajuddin (r.a.) bequeathed buzurg (venerable) Abdul Aziz Sahib (r.a.) known as “Nana Mian” (Maternal Grand Father) narrates:

One Day I was walking with Hazoor (r.a.) in a Jungle, and a flock of people were also along; servants were walking glooming with shades on His Majesty (r.a.). A Servant named Yaqub (Jacob) also gave me a chance to serve, I watched Hazoor (r.a.) were steadfastly and completely Mustaghrik, and cannot be distinguished who is walking? Hazoor (r.a.) wasn’t looking on the path at all; it appears that Hazoor isn’t walking on the ground instead walking Moalak (in air). While walking in this condition Hazoor (r.a.) s ped instantaneously near a big piece of rock which was deep rooted in the earth, immediately Sarkar (r.a.) stood up there and said:

“ Aiyse Rehtey Hein, Aur Agey Barhtey hein “
Stay like this, and go onwards

His Majesty (r.a.) was a swift walker, and can be distinguished in mass gathering of people with tall heights (meaning His Majesty R.A., looks superlative and incomparable out of the crowd).

This was the testimony of your leadership. His Majesty (r.a.) style of sitting was a true Tughra (monogram) symbol of “Mohammed “ (s.a.w.s.), and make a true example of Prophet Mohammed S.W.A.S. Whether eating, sitting, etc.

His Majesty (r.a.) gives great care & importance in all aspects of life in all ways and means. His Majesty was elevating to higher and highest crests.

Idiosyncratic Chaste Body

One day I (Author) was coming back from Hazoor (r.a.) devotion of service at sunset. On a far distant from Pathak (gate) I met a person who enquired me from where are you coming? I replied, I am coming from Hazrat Baba Sahib (r.a.) service of devotion. At that time I was of very young age. He asked me another question: What evidence do you have to proof that you are coming from the Bawa Tajuddin (r.a.)? I couldn’t give him any answer, so he asked on his own? What you were doing over there? I replied: I was massaging His Majesty (r.a.) foot.

Then he asked: Sniff your hands, as I whiffed my hands it was fragrance with the aroma of Musk & Anbar. The gentleman grabbed my hands immediately and rubbed on his entire body, when he was rubbing my hands on his clothes the perfume was spreading to far distant vicinity.

I also rubbed my hands on my clothes and placed them separately in a suitcase. That perfume lasts for years but I never met that gentleman again.

Aroma of Sweat

The Tabarukat (gifts) preserved with me (the Author) at Durbar Taj Al Aulia, out of them is a Handkerchief, which was used to absorb Hazoor Baba Sahib’s (r.a.) blessed sweat before His Majesty’s parda. Until to this date aroma of Amber and Musk still persist in it. Previously all this Tabarukat were put on display for Ziarat (honorary visits) yearly, and now on insistent of devotees it happens twice a year.

So, once on the occasion of Ziarat an elderly lady visited, she was still tremendously beautiful even at this old age, and was staying at Anwar Adil Sahab, Akhtar Adil Sahab’s Villa. When this Buzurga (a Pious lady) paid Ziarat (visit) to this handkerchief she start crying heavily. After Ziarat we inquired the reason of crying, she explained: I was staying in Bombay (Mumbai) hearing a lot about famousness of Baba Sahab’s (r.a.) Karamat (miracles). I was affected by asthma so I requested Baba Sahib (r.a.) virtually in my house that your Majesty ‘s Karamat are famed and well known all over, if my disease cure I will pay a visit in respect of His Majesty (r.a.). Since I Was very strict of Hijab (veil) so instantaneously I thought there is always a crowd of devotees present in respect of Baba Sahib (r.a.) how could I go there, so I set a condition on paying a Hazri (visit) that I will visit for sure, but will take the honour of Kadam Bossi (fore kissing) when you Majesty will be alone. This was impossible. According to her by His Majesty’s karam (blessings) she got cured the next day. After few days according to promise I travelled to Nagpur, in those days Sarkar (r.a.) was staying Shakar Dara. I reached there after inquiring the address, when I entered inside Sarkar (r.a.) was alone, I took the honour of Kadam Bosi (fore kissing), Sarkar (r.a.) forwarded one foot, and ordered to massage it. I acted accordingly, during this a gentleman came and stood there, Sarkar (r.a.) signalled him which I couldn’t understand but he presented a Bidri (inner core of cigarette wrapped in leaves) to Sarkar (r.a.) His Majesty took couple of puffs and granted me that Bidri, I took that extinguished and wrapped in my head scarf, during that His Majesty (r.a.) ordered to massage the other foot. I was very hygienic in nature, while I was massaging my hands were sticking with His Majesty’s Foot. I thought that might be somebody has applied oil on the body. I thought that I will wash my hands with soap and water later, after a long while I got permission to get disperse. I had a program to wash my hands when I will come out; I walk towards a grocery store in search of soap. By chance when my hands drawn near to my nose to correct my veil it was fragrance with the perfume of Musk and Amber. Now when I smell both of my hands they were perfumed. Until several days that aroma persisted, and this handkerchief has the same perfume. At that point I have figure out that it was not oil on the foot, but it was Sweat and perfume was because of that.

This Handkerchief was placed in a plastic box, on seeing this she make a bowl of Silver and placed that plastic box in that. The reason of weeping, she told that she has lost that Bidri, I wish I could have ate it. After this she continuously gathered in Niaz of 26th of month, and yearly Urs (Annual celebration in memory of departed) and on Youm-e- Wiladat (birthday) of Sarkar (r.a.).

Reasons of Fragrance in Sweet

Why should not the same fragrance in His Majesty (r.a.) sacred body? His Majesty (r.a.) is a Hasni wal Hussaini Sadaat (Holy Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.s.) descendents through his dearly loved daughter Hazrat Fatimah Razi Allah Anha) and beloved of Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.s.) and Messenger of Hazrat Zahra (Razi Allah Anha). To depict His Majesty’s (r.a.) commendable attributes is like squeezing the whole universe in nutshell.

In respect of Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.s.) Abi Abdullah has said:

Bay teebe Rasoolillahe taaba Shaiammuha
Fama lil Misku wal Kafooru wal Sandal Arratab.

Rationally by virtue of Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.s.) fragrance’s the fragrance become aromatic and it is a veracity that even the best of perfumes like Sandal, Musk or Camphor doesn’t have a fragrance like that.

Hazrat Shibli (r.a.) is one of the concealed pure inner self, and a pious scholars, he explains that the terrain of Medina AlMunnawara has a idiosyncratic fragrance which even Musk or Amber does not contains, and it’s not a matter of bewilderment or strange at all, because the ambience where the beloved of Allah Almighty Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.s.) exalted and enrich the air by His sanctified breathe, then what will be the fragrance of Musk or Amber?

Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.s.) had a great affection with the mother of Hazrat Ans (Razi Allah Anhu) she was Prophet’s (s.a.w.s.) Aunty, meaning she was from Muharramat (permissible intimate relative). Whenever Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W.S) visit her in afternoon he take his rest there. It was practice of Hazrat Um Sulaim (Razi Allah Anha) that she dried out Sweat from purified sacred body of Prophet (s.a.w.s.) and gather into a Jar. Once Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.s.) saw that and asked: “What you will do with this?” She answered: “Sarkar (s.a.w.s.) we use this as a perfume”. (Muslim, Volume 2).

It has been divulged that Hazrat Baba Syed Mohammed Taj Uddin AlHasni Wa AlHusseini is a “Sadaat”, from the royal family of our beloved Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.s.) and the messenger of Hazrat Zuhra (Razi Allah Anha). So, it is acceptable, if hand touches Musk, it becomes fragrant from the same perfume! This is matter of the royal family of Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.s.). It should not be a matter of amaze and astonishment if similar Raison D’etre of fragrance develops in His (s.a.w.s.) family too!

Hazoor (r.a.) Routines & Preferred Cuisine

His Majesty Baba Tajuddin (r.a.) was not constraint to time and routine, whether it was period of staying at Waki Shareef, or residency at Shakar Dara, people witness that at a while His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.) is sitting beside a river bank and after a while sitting in a Jungle under a tree.

Tea was served at Shakar Dara at 4:00 am in service of His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.) and from that time people start to gather around His Majesty (r.a.). Sometimes Baba Sahib drink Tea, sometimes bequeaths to someone else, and sometimes His Majesty (r.a.) takes a sip and rest is distributed among the (devotees) attendees. Mostly after daybreak His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.) steps out from the palace. Outside of Shakar Dara Palace each and everyone, shop keepers, Servant of Rao, and visitors keep busy in there chores, but in the interim anxiously keep on watching from time to time towards the palace door, and as soon as His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.) steps out of the palace, clamour arose that Bawa Tajuddin (r.a.) is coming! The Mithai Wala (confectioner) run afterwards with there sweets, Florists run after with their Garland (Gajra) and visitors start walking behind Bawa Tajuddin (r.a.) devotees overwhelmingly shower with flowers, someone comes forward and take the privilege and lay Gajra (flower bracelet) in His Majesty (r.a.) Neck. Sometimes Bawa Tajuddin (r.a.) also sits down at locations, people present sweets and flowers, and someone present gifts and oblations.

His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.) response back to Saileen (requestors) with low voice (Burburana); due to multitude of crowd sometimes His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.) benevolence way of talking becomes a love filled warning (dant) and hit slightly if angered, but the devotees do not go away.

Sometimes His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.) goes towards city and sometime goes in direction of Jungle. Occasionally walk towards jungle on foot also, but mostly travel by transport, and for that either Cattle Car or Tango was always accompanying His Majesty (r.a.), but he mostly travel on Tango. When H. M. Baba Sahib (r.a.) go out of palace on foot and walk for far distantly, people endeavour that H. M. (r.a.) ride the Tango by any means. It also happens that H. M. Baba Sahib (r.a.) orders for Savari (Transport) a Coachman (Coach Driver) by the name of the Heera Lal presents Tango. H. M. Baba Sahib (r.a.) has given name of “ Bahadur” to the Horse of Tango.

After His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.) rides the Tango then one Pahlwan (a Stalwart, strong build person) sits in the front and another sits on the footstep and goes together. The “Bahadur” Horse standby and waits for His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.) signal, as soon Bawa (r.a.) spells “Barhao” (forward) the Horse start galloping immediately on his own. Coachman was not allowed to hold Bagain (pull up) horse, or to give direction to turn left or right. Bahadur on His own sprints on the route of Streets and Jungles. In next to no time the Tango come out of Shakar Dara limits, a heap of people gather around to have Ziarat (privilege of seeing) and fore kissing, and the majority of this mass jogs along side by side of the Tango. His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.) takes a round of the city, and at some places order to halt the cart and meet people. There lies a secret in s ping over at places. Generally people who came from far distant places with aspiration to meet Bawa Tajuddin (r.a.) and they couldn’t get a chance to meet His Majesty (r.a.) Baba Sahib (r.a.) meet with them.

It also happens that His Majesty (r.a.) s over at somewhere and give them backing and encouragement to predicament people in crisis.

Whilst His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.) move on foot in direction of Jungle people accompany His Majesty (r.a.) carrying along with them Tea and Food. Bawa Tajuddin (r.a.) mostly have his lunch in Jungle. sometimes ordered by himself, sometimes people present themselves at time of lunch. Everyone untangle his or her Lunch Box or Food Basket and present in respect of His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.). Baba Sahib (r.a.) eats a little randomly from any lunch box and the rest is distributed among the visitors.

Dal (pulse), Chawwal (Rice), Machli (Fish) was His Majesty’s (r.a.) preferred cuisine. In this regard, His Majesty (r.a.) sometime says these verses:

“Yeh Nahi Khaia to mitti Dhool”
If you didn’t eat this, then soil & dirt

Bequeath of His Majesty Baba Sahab (r.a.) in Mefil-E-Samaa

(Session of Spiritual Music)

Hazrat Fareed Khan Sahab Fiza (r.a.) narrates I paid a visit in respect of Hazoor (r.a.) when His Majesty was staying at Jungle of Waki Shareef, at that time His Majesty (r.a.) was sitting inside of Villa. I opened the door and entered inside, Two Qawwals (Spiritual singers) were performing. Sarkar (R.A. was listening silently and this verse was replicating “Bhar Bhar Jam Pilla dey Saqi” Qawwal (a chanter of religious verses) was an ordinary one but the Kafiat of the Qawwali (poetic frenzy of Qawwali was unusual and it was persuading an extra ordinary influence on me. I said to myself Baba Sahab’s (r.a.) benevolence is open on the entire human kind & civilization, and the whole world is getting benefit out of it. I wish if I also get a chunk out of it. The moment this aspiration came into my mind, instantly Sarkar (r.a.) order the devotee (me) “Aik Glass Pani do” (give me a glass of Water), I serve a glass of Water, His Majesty (r.a.) took couple of sips, and forwarded the glass towards me, I advanced to take the glass but said heartedly “Jazb nahi Salook chahta hoon” (I don’t want state of Ecstasy & Trance, and deep meditation, but state of steady and awareness with deep meditation). Bawa Baba Sahab (r.a.) took his hand and start drinking himself. I ashamed of myself asked again heartedly for this benevolence. His Majesty (r.a.) again forwarded the glass towards me, but I said again the same in my heart “Jazb Nahi Salook Chahta Hoon”, His Majesty (r.a.) repelled his hand, likewise His Majesty (r.a.) forwarded the glass towards me for the third time, but the misfortune didn’t left me alone, that thinking and demand persisted, and upon emerging this thought Hazoor (r.a.) throw the glass on the ground with force, angered on Qawwal, hit the Dhollak & went out towards Jungle in the state of Jazb (State of ecstasy & Trance).

Hazrat Nizam Uddin Mehboob-e-Illahi (r.a.) narrates on page number 127 of Fawaid AlFuwad “Sama mard key wastey kasooti hey” (Spritual Music is a test for man), and one point author Hazrat Ameer Ullah Sanjari wrote that at one Hazri (visit) I asked solicitly Hazrat Mehboob-e-Ilahi (r.a.) that this perturb heart is astonished on its own, that it cannot practice obedience ardour as it should be, no question what would be the pinnacle of recitation and meditation of the Darwesh (pious people), but when I listen to the spiritual music it brings me absolute comfort and sob, swear to God at that time my sensual appetites are mortified and my heart get rid of this worldly carnal life and transient worldly people, and I do not remember any thing else.

Sarkar Mehboob-e-Illahi (r.a.) asked again “Kiya Dil Alaieke Duniawee sey Khali hojata hey ?” (Did the heart liberates from profess worldly desires?) I replied “Yes” upon this His Highness said:

“Samaa (Session of spiritual music) is divided into two kinds, “Hajim” (raiding) and “Ghair Hajim” (non raiding). Hajim is characterizing as upon hearing Samaa (the spiritual music) affects in the beginning, e.g.: on a melodies voice, or a pleasant verse delights, this kind of situation is called Hajim, and it cannot be defined.

Ghair Hajim (non-raiding) is defined when Samaa uplift mind and soul and bring in state of Ecstasy upon hearing a verse which defined qualities of a Saint, or on noble virtues of his Peer (a guider to the path of the spiritual world). Sarkar Mehboob-e-Illahi (r.a.) has described definition of Samma in just two words that “Samaa is man’s test”.

Shoes Miracle

One person met in Hungun Ghat (name of a place) narrated a miracle. Once we reached in Baba Sahib’s (r.a.) Durbar (Royal Court), a devotee bought a pair of shoes for His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.). Sirkar (Baba Sahib r.a.) after wearing it, throw one pair of shoe towards me and other towards the second person. Now, demon ghosts diffuse on the hit of this shoe. Simply by smacking couple of times, the whole magic vanishes.

Allah’s Praises, what a healing in these Allah beloved people.

Mystic Succession

In His last moments, Baba Murshid Said to Maharaja Ragoogee Rao that my bed would not be lift from your place for decades to come. Therefore, one can see the mystic succession place for His Majesty Baba Murshid, and until to this day it exhibits the same atmosphere as it use to be before His Majesty Baba Sahib veiled this materialistic world. All the visiting guests and devotees are being taken great care.

Court of Blessings

His Majesty Baba Sahib (r.a.) faced acute and extreme hardships for the benefit and sake of mankind. It also happened that some one said any vicious words, and the devoted servants felt bad about that, and intended His Majesty to curse him for misbehave, but Baba Sahib said, “Nako Hazrat Hamara Darbar, bud dua ka nahi” (No Hazrat (Mister), Our Court is court of Blessings, and not the Court of cursing”) even people of that kind got benevolence and benefit from His Majesty.

You are a true sibling from the family of Prophet Mohammad SAW, and that is the vitality of being heart maker instead of heart breaker. That is the reason; your court is the court of blessings and mercy, which is still provoking today.

During your life before veiling this worldly life, large number of people blessed and benefited by your blessings and love, and this still continuing until today. Your Royal Court is benefiting all caste of people irrespective of there background. Either a first time visitor or a heartily devotee, every one thinks Baba Sahib affectionate me and loves me only.

Your beneficence is continuing and ever flowing. Every one receiving their desire full filled according to there desires. No one goes empty handed from His Majesty Royal Court, and this practice is still going on until today.

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Qadri Affiliation

Qadri Affiliation

The affiliation of His highness is also Qadri. Hazrat Abdullah Shah Qadri (r.a.), whose shrine is in Kamti Shareef, was a spiritual saint of great hierarchy. Baba Sahib in his early youth was blessed by him. That’s way Baba Sahib also has Qadri affiliation. The Shijra (Chain of Spiritual Affiliation) is as under

  1. Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.s.)
  2. Hazrat Ali (k.a.w.)
  3. Hazrat Imam Hussain (r.a.)
  4. Hazrat Zane- up- Aberdeen (r.a.)
  5. Hazrat Imam Mohammed Baser (r.a.)
  6. Hazrat Imam Jaffrey Sadiq (r.a.)
  7. Hazrat Imam Mosa Kazim (r.a.)
  8. Hazrat Imam Ali Raza (r.a.)
  9. Hazrat Maruuf Kharki (r.a.)
  10. Hazrat Sheik Safiullalh (r.a.)
  11. Hazrat Abu Al-Hassan Seri Shakti (r.a.)
  12. Hazrat Junaid Bagdadi (r.a.)
  13. Hazrat Abu Bakar Shibli (r.a.)
  14. Hazrat Abdul Wahid Bin Abdul Aziz (r.a.)
  15. Hazrat Abu Al-Farah Yousef Tartousi (r.a.)
  16. Hazrat Abu Al-Hassan Ali Hinkari (r.a.)
  17. Hazrat Abu Saeed Mubarak Mukrami (r.a.)
  18. Hazrat Sheik Abdul Qadir Jilani (r.a.)
  19. Hazrat Abdul Aziz (r.a.)
  20. Hazrat Syed Mohammed Al-Hitak (r.a.)
  21. Hazrat Syed Shams-ud-din (r.a.)
  22. Hazrat Syed Sharaf-ud-din (r.a.)
  23. Hazrat Syed Zain-ud-din (r.a.)
  24. Hazrat Wali-ud-din(r.a.)
  25. Hazrat Noor-d-din (r.a.)
  26. Hazrat Hisan-ud-din (r.a.)
  27. Hazrat Syed Noor-ud-din
  28. Hazrat Syed Mahmood Darversh (r.a.)
  29. Hazrat Syed Qadir (r.a.)
  30. Hazrat Abdul Jaleel (r.a.)
  31. Hazrat Syed Abdullah Shah (r.a.)

NOTE: Hazrat Syed Abdullah Shah gave Baba Sahib a date in his childhood and on the time of His wale he offered syrup to Baba Tajuddin.

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