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Rajab 7th Islamic Month

Rajab is one of the most holy month among all the Islamic months. Rajab is the month of Allah Ta'ala. Our Holy Prophet Mohammed (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) has ordered that “Rajab is a month which has extreme excellence”. The prayers of this month are very precious even much more precious than gold.

Merciless in the month of Rajab:-

Rajab is one of the most pious month because of the following reasons:-

Rajab is the month which is worth due to “Shab-e-Maraje”.  The holy night in which our Holy Prophet Mohammed (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) was invited by His Allah on Arsh (Throne of Allah) and Allah blessed His beloved Prophet by His sight. This journey from earth to heavens to Allah’s throne is remembered as “Maraje”. The Night and day of 27th Rajab is a cherished holy night in which Allah Ta'ala is extremely kind to a true Muslim believer.

Zikar in the month of Rajab:-

Some are the momentous prayers for the pious month of Rajab are as follows:-

The Holy Quran must be recited daily. Mostly the Wirde (Continuous reciting, Errand) of Istagfar (Deprecation) must be done. Surrat ul Rehman, Ikhlas, Muzamil, Mohammed, Waqia and Yasin must be recited. Usually, Daruud Sharif must be Wirde (Continuous reciting, Errand). Extra Nawafil must be prayed for the Raza (contented) of Allah Almighty.

Superiority of this month is Allah Almighty avowal the Dua and prayers offered by a person whole heartedly by the sake of Prophet Mohammed (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) and by His Holy Friends (Aulia, Sufi, Saints or Wali). Hazoor Karim “The lord of all the heavens” said, that “it is very pious to fast on 27th of Rajab. The one who fast on 27th of Rajab will be kept away from the fire on the Day of Judgment and will be in peace in his grave”. The virtue of fasting a single day of Rajab is equal to thousand fasts.  



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