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Sunday, 05 February 2012 00:00

Psyche "Nafs"

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The veracity of Essence is hidden. Nafs (or Nufûs) lexically means soul, the psyche, the ego, self, life, person, heart or mind. This can be known only by Aulia Allah (Saint). Meaning of Nafs: It has two meanings. First, it means the powers of anger and sexual appetite in a human being... and this is the definition mostly found among the people of Tassawuf [Sufis], who take "Nafs" as the comprehensive word for all the evil attributes of a person.

The second meaning of Nafs is the soul, the human being in reality, his self and his person. However, it is described differently according to its different states. If it assumes calmness under command and has removed from itself the disturbance caused by the onslaught of passion, It is the core of experiential possibilities, but within it is the far greater reality of the ruh.

In the Light of Quran & Hadith

"As for whoever exceeded the limits and preferred the life of this world, surely his abode will be the Fire; and as for whoever feared to stand before his Lord and restrained the desires of his self, surely his abode will be the Garden." (79:39-40)

Hazrat Yousef Siddiq Narrates;

“The Lord of all Heaven declares, When Allah Almighty bless humankind with His bestow ness psyche, He unveils the sins of His worshiper”

Also in the other versus, Allah the Creator Says to Prophet David PBUH:

“O David deem your psyche as your utmost enemy, because Allah’s divinity dwell in doom ship of your psyche”

The Nafs is by far the most important element in the cosmology of existence. It contains within it the worlds of the heart, the intellect, the drives and the witness. Allah Says:

"And there are signs within your souls" (Qur’an 21:51).

At the other versus about the psyche:

“We created man and we know what (evil) his mind and lower self suggest to him. And I am closer to him than his jugular vein’ (Qur’an 50:16).

Prophet Mohammad Peace be Upon Him (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) States:

“The person who identifies one’s own psyche, he shall over come the sins which process towards Allah. Those who known with mortality he discover the existence. Also this been state as, one who discover his lord with sovereignty."

Another Hadith States:

“When Allah intend guidance to His worshippers, so one sinner’s sins been high lightened.”

From all these Qur’anic versus and Hadiths any person completely cannot signify his psyche unless his spiritual head or leader empower with the depth ness of psyche. Hazrat Juanid Bagdadi narrates:

“Psyche manipulate your negotiations and the best way to over come is to govern your own psyche.”

Types of Psyche (Nafs) & their Stages

1. Nafs al-Ammara - The Main vigor

This is the Nafs that brings punishment itself. By its very nature it directs its owner towards every wrong action. No one can get rid of its evil without the help from Allah. As Allah refers to this Nafs in the story of the wife of Al-Aziz (Zulaikha) and Prophet Yusuf (s):

"The (human) soul is certainly prone to evil" (12:53).

Allah also says:

"And had it not been for the grace of Allah and His Mercy on you, not one of you would ever have been pure; but Allah purifies whomever He wishes, and Allah is Hearing, Knowing." (24:21)

This Nafs resides in the world of the senses and is dominated by earthly desires (Shahwat) and passions. Evil lies hidden in the Nafs and it are this that leads it on to do wrong. If Allah were to leave the servant alone with his self, the servant would be destroyed between its evil and the evil that it craves; but if Allah grants him success and help, then he will survive. We seek refuge in Allah the Almighty, both from the evil in ourselves and from the evil of our actions.

2. Nafs al-Lawwama (the Soul that blames):

Allah refers to this Nafs,

"And I do call to witness the Nafs that blames" (75:2).

This Nafs is conscious of its own imperfections. Hasan al-Basri said,

"You always see the believer blaming himself and saying things like 'Did I want this? Why did I do that? Was this better than that?"….

3. Nafs al-Mutma'inna (the Soul at Peace):

Allah refers to this Nafs,

"O Self, in complete rest and satisfaction!" (89:27).

This Nafs is tranquil as it rests on the certitude of Allah.
Ibn Abbas (r) said,

"It is the tranquil and believing soul".

Al-Qatadah (r) said,

"It is the soul of the believer, made calm by what Allah has promised. Its owner is at rest and content with his knowledge of Allah's Names and Attributes, and with what He has said about Himself and His Messenger (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam), and with what He has said about what awaits the soul after death: about the departure of the soul, the life in the Barzakh, and the events of the Judgment day which will follow."

So much that a believer, such as this can almost see them with his own eyes. So he submits to the will of Allah and surrenders to Him contentedly, never dissatisfied or complaining, and with his faith never wavering. He does not rejoice at his gains, nor do his afflictions make him despair - for he knows that they were decreed long before they happened to him, even before he was created
"The Nafs al-Mutma'inna has an angel to help it, who assists and guides it. Also through practicing spirituality one can be the expert to trounce the psycho. The angel casts good into the Nafs so that it desires what is good and is aware of the excellence of good actions. The angel also keeps the self away from wrong action and shows it the ugliness of bad deeds. All in all, whatever is for Allah and by Him always comes from the Soul which is at Peace.

The Nafs al-Ammara has Saitan as its ally. He promises it great rewards and gains, but casts falsehood into it. He invites it and entices the soul to do evil. He leads it on with hope after hope and presents falsehood to the soul in a form that it will accept and admire. "The Nafs is a single entity, although its state may change: from the Nafs al-Ammara, to the Nafs al-Lawwama, to the Nafs al-Mutma'inna, which is the final aim of perfection….

It has been said that the Nafs al-Lawwama is the one, which cannot rest in any one state. It often changes, remembers and forgets, submits and evades, loves and hates, rejoices and become sad, accepts and rejects, obeys and rebels.

Nafs al-Lawwama is also the Nafs of the believer….It has also been mentioned that the Nafs blames itself on the Day of Qiyamah - for every one blames himself for his actions, either his bad deeds, if he was one who had many wrong actions, or for his shortcomings, if he was one who did good deeds. All of this is accurate.


By the teaching of August Baba Tajuddin Aulia (r.a.) and Amma Bibi Mariam Taji (r.a.), one can conquer the devilish conduct (Psycho) by worshiping and fulfilling five major pillars of Islam, by the teaching of Holy Quran and the footsteps of Holy Prophet Mohammad Peace be upon Sunnah and by the leadership of Murshid e Kamil ( Spiritual Leader). Because if a person is guarantor by the Spiritual leader, even at the time of death, the Psycho or Nafs play to manipulate one’s final death questioning. But by the Nuzr e kurum (Divine Sight of Spiritual Leader) one can ends up on the track of correctness.

The divine knowledge which Aulia Allah has been awarded by Allah The knower of All, the process of overcoming the diabolic psyche to a Momin (A devoted Muslim).

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