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Biography - Chirag-ud-Din

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A Sight of Prestigious Attention

His Highness Bawa Tajuddin (r.a.) recommended his followers, devotees and seekers that they should visit Her Majesty Amma before visiting Him. Hence, it could be estimated that the prestigious sight of His Highness (r.a.) was on the peak of greatness. Evidence of this is that His Highness (r.a.) never met his seekers who used to come to His Highness (r.a.) without visiting Her Majesty Amma. People even noticed that His Highness (r.a.) never denied Her Majesty Amma in any aspect.

When His Highness (r.a.) migrated to Waki He was accompanied by Her Majesty Amma. Apparently by then Her Majesty Amma was a miraculous saint.

Taj Taji

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