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Biography - Birth And Family

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Two Loving Sons & Arrival of Venerable

Marium Bibi was now staying in Kamti with Her brother Gulam Mohiuddin who was working in Kamti. Her brother came to know that a marvelous and a highly respected venerable had arrived at Kamti. After admiring the qualities of the pious venerable one day Gulam Mohiuddin Sahib requested to the respected venerable and said,

”Sir! It will be my pleaser and honor, if you come and stay with us for a few days and give us the honor of serving you”.

The respected venerable agreed to stay with them. One day when all the members of the family were at his service, the venerable said to Marium’s mother that “GOD has gifted you with two loving sons Marium Bibi is one of them”.

Taj Taji

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